2018 Lincoln Mark LT Arrives As Limited Edition Truck

Mark LT was the first and only pickup truck manufactured by the Lincoln. The luxurious branch of Ford developed this model for a short period of time. After promising start of the career, sales numbers started to decline. In the US, the truck was discontinued in 2008, while it remained to be built in Mexico for six more years. Now, it could come back as 2018 Lincoln Mark LT.

Whatsoever, the company is still quiet on it. We can call Platinum trim of Ford F-150 a successor, but since there is no Lincoln badge on it, it doesn’t offer the same impression. Furthermore, the 2018 Mark LT would have a great foundation in F-150. Also, their luxurious crossovers could borrow various safety features. But, until we hear it from the company, the 2018 Lincoln Mark LT will remain just a rumor.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT front

2018 Lincoln Mark LT Powertrain Speculations

As we said, the 2018 Lincoln Mark LT will find the base in Ford F-150. It is very likely that two trucks will share engines. In the matter of fact, the Mark LT should be even more luxurious version than F-150 Platinum.

However, we are still not sure if engineers are going to install a 5.0-liter displacement in 2018 Lincoln Mark LT. This pickup could start with some smaller engine, and F-150 can offer different V-6 versions. Standard turbo-six 3.5-liter unit would fit perfectly to the Mark LT with its output of 375 hp and 470 pound-feet of torque. Nevertheless, Lincoln could also turn to Navigator and its tuning of the same engine. The flagship SUV can develop 450 horses and 510 lb-ft of twisting power.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT Redesign

Of course, 2018 Lincoln Mark LT won’t share a lot of in common with its predecessors. Here, the truck will also borrow solutions from Navigator. That means we will find many cool features inside the vehicle, which will make it more capable for transporting passengers, and not only for work. The interior in Navigator is unique and too luxurious for 2018 Mark LT, so only some features will find its way to the model in other segment.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT rear


First of all, we expect to see front grille probably the same as for the full-size crossover. On the other hand, the truck should be higher. The smallest size of wheels we expect are 21 inches, and rims could be only bigger. Bed access and rear end will find many ideas on F-150. However, 2018 Lincoln Mark LT could borrow a lot of things from its siblings, but mixed together, these parts will give unique vehicle.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT exterior

2018 Lincoln Mark LT MSRP and Release Date

Since we compare 2018 Lincoln Mark LT with Ford F-150 Platinum, we can link their prices. However, luxurious branch will definitely spice things up with special features. Well, eventually, the price goes up as well. We believe new Mark LT is not going to cost under $60,000. However, it is not equipped as Navigator, so its starting price can’t be more than $70k.

Every day we expect from Lincoln or Ford to announce the arrival of Mark LT. However, time in 2018 is ticking away, so it could appear only as a preview of the things we can expect in following years. We’ll continue to monitor all news, updates, and rumors to provide you with the latest info about 2018 Lincoln Mark LT.

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