2019 Ford Focus Prepares New ST and RS Editions

Ford Focus is one of the most-owned vehicles across the globe. Available in different versions, with various drivetrains, this is one of the most versatile cars in the industry. The third generation came in 2011. Since then we could see only one major facelift. The 2019 Ford Focus will be redesigned. However, we are not sure what is the plan in Ford. The hatchback will definitely get many options, but we still don’t know if all of them will come with 2019 season model.

The 2019 Ford Focus will be exciting by itself. But, with the US carmaker, it is never boring. In its homeland, the hatchback also appeared in a form of a sedan. Furthermore, the 2019 Focus will offer petrol and diesel units, depending on the area of sales. Transmission problems are to be fixed, and the vehicle could be hybridized. All in all, the new Focus is worth of waiting.

2019 Ford Focus side

2019 Ford Focus Powertrains and Mileage

Standard offers in North America for 2019 Ford Focus will keep a 2.0-liter drivetrain. This engine is available both for hatchback and sedan. With outputs of 160 hp and 150 lb-ft, it is powerful enough, while still giving good fuel economy. On the other hand, the higher mileage comes from a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder powertrain. This unit sacrifices speed, acceleration, and power, but returns superb MPG rating. According to rumors, the new 2019 Focus will be able to go over 40 mpg with it. Unfortunately, only sedan versions in the US offers this drivetrain.


Focus had some issues with transmission box. However, engineers are about to fix this for next season. Automatic transmission pairs both engines. However, sedans are also special here, since owners of this version of Focus will be able to have it with a manual gearbox. Auto transmission comes with 6 gears, while manual gearbox, besides a 6-pace, offers a 5-speed configuration.

2019 Ford Focus ST

We can say that ST version of Focus hatchback could be a car for itself. Turbocharged 2.0-liter unit launches outputs to 250 horses and 270 lb-ft of torque. Also, the performance-oriented model will suffer the special tuning. Besides the concept, we cannot find too many similarities with the standard vehicle.

2019 Ford Focus RS

Besides the ST, performance-oriented fans will see the 2019 Ford Focus RS version. This one is even more potent than its cousin. However, it uses Mustang’s 2.3-liter drivetrain to achieve 350 horsepower. With a top speed limited to 165 mph, this vehicle is all but a fuel-friendly.

2019 Ford Focus RS

2019 Ford Focus Spy Shots

The redesign detail of 2019 Ford Focus is still hidden. We can’t see much through a heavy camo wore by testing mules. Sharp nose seems to be higher than on the current version. Grille and bumper will probably get a new look or details since the cover is hiding them well. The 2019 Focus will keep dimensions, which means it remains in the compact hatchback class. The base model comes again with 15-inch wheels, while higher trims will offer bigger rims. Infotainment system can expect a big update. Sync3, Sirius XM Radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto will be available services.

2019 Ford Focus spy shot

2019 Ford Focus Release Date

The base model will come out first. We can see a debut of 2019 Ford Focus already in first half of 2018. It won’t be a surprise if the vehicle appears at New York Auto Show. For other models, fans will have to wait. We believe that sedan will come again exclusively to North America.

Besides that, Focus electric car will need some time to improvements. During 2019, Ford will present performance-oriented versions ST and RS. Finally, we could see again a version discontinued third generation. The 2019 Focus Wagon is an option for the limited model or some kind of a concept. However, the station wagon is not going to take too much of attention next season.

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