2019 Ford Thunderbird Is Ready To Conquer Again

The upcoming 2019 Ford Thunderbird is a personal luxury car or coupe to be exact. The concept is ready and everyone is waiting for Ford to make it official. The Thunderbird model was very popular in the past, and in over 50 years of production this coupe had eleven generations.

Last generation was discounted in 2005, probably because the personal luxury car market was almost vanished in that time. The 2019 Thunderbird will arrive as an all-new coupe, sharing basically nothing with its predecessor, so we can expect futuristic design, premium interior and good fuel economy.

2019 Ford Thunderbird front

2019 Ford Thunderbird to Arrive With Stunning Exterior

The 2019 Ford Thunderbird will arrive with a very pleasing and modern exterior. We expect another classic design from Ford in a combination with futuristic styling cues. The chassis is made of lightweight materials and the overall car weight is decreased as a result. The front end features a grille that is very commonly used on different Ford’s models. However, that recognizable front grille is slimmer for this model which brings some more uniqueness for the Thunderbird model. This personal luxury car will go on sale as a 2-door coupe that can fit two passengers, a driver and a passenger. It is yet unknown if the convertible version will make a production for now.

2019 Ford Thunderbird rear


Back in time, Thunderbird’s interior was a great solution for buyers and Ford is willing to provide the same interior again. However, a Blue Oval carmaker will take a slightly different approach and some minor changes are likely. While most of the concept’s interior is still a mystery, there is no question about the materials inside the cabin. The 2019 Ford Thunderbird will benefit from the aluminum, leather, a wood and even chrome materials. The cabin is very luxurious and it feels upscale. Moreover, Ford says that the interior is roomy with ample headroom and legroom. At this moment, as mentioned, convertible version is unlikely, so this 2-door coupe can accommodate only two passengers. Leather seats are standard, and another modern features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included as well. Moreover, premium audio system is in the offer, just like plenty of driver assist technologies.

2019 Ford Thunderbird interior

2019 Ford Thunderbird Engine Specs

The forthcoming 2019 Ford Thunderbird will for sure get two drivetrains options, one standard and one optional. However, no official engine information has been announced so far. On the other hand, an EcoBoost engine is a certain thing, so we can expect a 2.3-liter engine that can produce up to 250 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. This engine offers a rear-wheel drive setup as standard while the all-wheel-drive configuration is available as an option. 9-speed automatic transmission is on the cards as well and some sources are claiming that the hybrid model could happen. The second, optional drivetrain will cost more for sure, but it will deliver more horsepower. A turbocharged 3.0-liter unit is a realistic option at this moment, and it can produce around 300 hp.

Price and release date

We expect for this personal luxury car to arrive in the first half of 2019. The 2019 Ford Thunderbird will cost around $39,000 and it will face some tough competitors such as Mercedes’ C-Class coupe and the BMW’s 4 Series.

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