2019 Lincoln Zephyr Replaces MKZ Sedan

Old fans of Lincoln could know about the oldtimer named Zephyr. However, it will be almost 80 years before it comes back. Do we have to say it won’t have any similarities with its predecessors? Well, now the 2019 Lincoln Zephyr is coming to replace the MKZ. With it, sedan takes what belongs to it.

The original vehicle came into the market in 1936 and lasted four years. Whatsoever, the Zephyr was designated to come back in 2006. Eventually, the vehicle it replaces now took its place. The second return is not going to bring surprise, and the company will bring back the 2019 Lincoln Zephyr.

2019 Lincoln Zephyr MKZ

Replacements for MK- Lineup

The MKZ is not a first vehicle Lincoln is replacing from its MK- series. The brand-new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus surprised many as the substitute for MKX. Continental sedan started this mission of discontinuing the MK models. The MKS sedan was the first one to be dropped in 2016.

The MK naming made confusion among buyers. Only the last letter was different, and we couldn’t know if we want a crossover, sedan, what size, etc. Now, the new naming will help models being more recognizable. One of them is 2019 Lincoln Zephyr. The company chooses the old name that indicates to slow wind. As the breeze goes down the road, the new sedan would do the same.

2019 Lincoln Zephyr oldtimer

2019 Lincoln Zephyr Drivetrain Lineup and Specs

The 2019 Lincoln Zephyr will succeed the empty space of MKZ sedan. Also, it will take most of its solutions, in the engine room at first place. For the first edition, Zephyr will use a 2.0-liter turbo-four powertrain in combination with a CVT transmission. This choice is for buyers that look for better mileage instead of speed and power.

A twin-turbo alternative is bringing 400 ponies under the hood. The same transmission distributes power to this V-6 engine. Buyers will choose between front- and all-wheel drive.


The outgoing MKZ is offering a hybrid drivetrain as well. It pairs the base petrol engine with AC electric motor. In this case, a four-pot unit is good for 188 hp and 130 pound-feet of torque. On the other hand, fuel economy jumps from 21 mpg in city drive to 41 miles per gallon. A highway ride will also gain around 8 mpg.

2019 Lincoln Zephyr Styling and Interior

Designers could have more work than engineers. They won’t bring back the old look, but 2019 Lincoln Zephyr should definitely look different than the sedan it replaces. Whatsoever, we expect to see classic lines the company got us used to. The premium vehicle will be elegant rather than aggressive, with more colors ready for painting the body.

Also, the new sedan will carry over the attractive moonroof with some new functions. Luxury finishes on bumpers and headlights will lure more buyers. Infotainment system Lincoln offers is not among the best in the class. In the matter of fact, it was pretty disappointing. Now, the company is developing a new generation of its own service. Nevertheless, if something goes wrong, the 2019 Lincoln Zephyr can always bring back the latest Sync3 with all its assist functions.

2019 Lincoln Zephyr interior

2019 Lincoln Zephyr Release Date

The 2019 Lincoln Zephyr as the replacement of MKZ is not official yet. However, it is just a matter of time when the company is going to announce the news. Lincoln has a plan for other MK vehicles too, and we must be patient with the sedan. Whatsoever, it is not in the interest of the manufacturer and its buyers to wait, so the new model could show up already in summer.

Trim Levels and Black Label

The 2019 Lincoln Zephyr will use similar trim levels as its predecessors. The entry-level sedan will be Premiere. Its price is also copied and the new car will wear the sticker with $35,000 on it. It is still questionable if the Zephyr is going to use the entire trim level Lincoln has to offer. Select could be dropped, but the Reserve remains the top trim. Well, we don’t count 2019 Lincoln Zephyr Black Label as the regular version. Everything about this vehicle is special. The luxury is on another level, so we could call it premium luxury. In the current MKZ, the hybrid model is following standard petrol versions with trim levels and options. There is no reason why the next 2019 Lincoln Zephyr Hybrid wouldn’t do the same. The most expensive sedan with standard features will stay under $50,000.

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  1. I’m interested in the new Zephyr–have owned several Fords & 1 MKZ, now driving a 2015 Taurus and hope to stay with this company unless you totally stop building 4-door sedans.

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