2020 Ford Focus RS To Get Hybrid Engine

Ford is planning electrification of many vehicles, and the company is investing a lot in this process. Over $1 billion will be spent on facilities, development, and upgrades. So, there is no surprise why the 2020 Ford Focus RS is already in plans about hybridization. Making one of their star vehicles a hybrid would increase interest in the overall course.

In a couple of years, Ford will launch 13 hybrids and electric vehicles. The 2020 Ford Focus RS is one of them. But, the company is not going to stop there. By 2023, at least 30 vehicles will get a new drivetrain. The electric motor will be either main or alternative source of power. By 2030 all vehicles that carry blue oval badge will have an electric version, either plug-in hybrid or EV.

2020 Ford Focus RS exterior

2020 Ford Focus RS Hybrid Update

Standard, petrol variant of the Focus RS is using a 2.3-liter GTDI drivetrain. EcoBoost unit, with proper tuning, can deliver 350 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. Current model sprints to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 165 mph. A six-speed manual gearbox with the unique vectoring system and all-wheel drive is standard.

All these features will be a good base for an electric model. The company will add a 48V battery to create the mild-hybrid system. With it, the 2020 Ford Focus RS hybrid will gain 30-35 horsepower and 60-70 pound-feet at torque end.

2020 Ford Focus RS engine


We could see similar systems on German cars. Mercedes-Benz already presented a similar concept for their CLS 53 AMG. The vehicle, thanks to an electric motor, gains 25 horses and over 100 lb-ft of torque. Shortly after, Audi confirmed that they have a similar concept under development. All these cars promise fun in performance segment in 2020.

2020 Ford Focus RS Hybrid Expectations

First of all, electric systems are greener. So, this is the main reason why we are listening more and more stories about EVs and hybrids. These are even not going to avoid performance-oriented cars. Well, the cost of their power is higher emissions. The 2020 Ford Focus RS Hybrid will cut CO2 compared to the standard model.

Next big thing is fuel saving. The 2020 Ford Focus RS Hybrid will consume less gasoline than its standard petrol unit. Finally, a gain of power is the ultimate reason why we are seeing 2020 Ford Focus RS.

2020 Ford Focus RS back side

2020 Ford Focus RS Styling

Although it is hybrid, the 2020 Ford Focus RS will keep aggressive appearance with a lot of unique details. Spoilers, unique bumpers, lower ride, better aerodynamics… List of upgrades is long. All previous owners of RS vehicles, Focus or any other, know what to expect from it.

Interior is special as always. However, for 2020 Ford Focus RS Hybrid, it is a mystery. We can expect gauges and graphics showing the status of fuel, speed, and road conditions. But, what kind of high-tech systems 2020 Focus RS will bring, it is impossible to predict two years before its arrival. Top-notch features in 2018 will be outdated in few months, and by 2020 technology will evolve into unknown.

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