2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Should Cost Around $30k

The brand-new 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning is reportedly on the way. It is an all-electric version with more power and more luxury. This small pickup became an instant hit thanks to its affordable price and an efficient hybrid powertrain. Now, it is time to introduce a fully electric variant.

Blue Oval already filed a trademark for the Maverick Lightning name, which is great to hear. Of course, we expect a similar setup like in the F-150 Lightning model. On the other hand, some parts of the pickup will have to depart from the F-150 truck. While we are waiting for the official debut, here’s everything you need to know about this model.

Ford Maverick Lightning Dimensions and Colors

As this model is not official yet, styling will remain a mystery for some time. The 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning has been rendered recently. The renderings are plausible, as the regular Maverick is basically a brand-new model. Surely, the electric version will gain a couple of improvements, but it won’t depart from the original idea.

We are waiting to see things such as new wheels, a closed-off grille, and a new lighting signature. Like the base version, this one will also feature exterior colors such as Area 51, Cyber Orange, and Velocity Blue. So far, we have seen electric pickup trucks, but Maverick Lightning will be smaller, which is another highlight. The regular Maverick pickup has a 121-inch wheelbase and is 199.7 inches long.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning range

Interior to Include Blue Cruise System

And while Maverick is an affordable pickup, its interior is very impressive. The upcoming 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning should feature even more luxury, per reports. The current version provides a very functional cabin with user-friendly high-tech features, including a standard 8-inch touchscreen. Like any other EV, this one will also gain more technology.

Most likely, a bigger screen will be on offer, along with Ford’s Blue Cruise hands-free system. We don’t know anything regarding the trim levels, but Maverick Lightning will surely provide a high level of comfort in each trim level. Cargo space is impressive for compact pickup and the EV variant will provide even more space.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning interior

Driving Range and Charging

The 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning is an all-electric model, like the F-150 Lightning. Interestingly, Maverick offers a standard hybrid powertrain, sitting on the C2 platform. Now, the fully electric model could switch to a different architecture. On the other hand, the C2 platform is very adaptable, so modifying the existing chassis makes sense. Anyway, base Maverick Lightning will have a single motor setup.

For an instance, a base Mustang Mach-E crossover with one motor provides 265 horsepower. We expect a dual-motor setup in more expensive variants, providing even more power and a standard AWD system. Lastly, a smaller pickup will provide at least 300 miles of driving range with no problem at all. On top of that, Blue Oval will surely provide a 150-kW charging system.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning colors

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Price, Release Date

The price of the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning will start at around $30,000, which is, again, very affordable. Having a small electric pickup with lots of luxury and great maneuverability sounds like a very nice idea, especially for such a reasonable price.

Moreover, the new Maverick Lightning will not have direct rivals for another year or two. The sales will reportedly begin at some point next year.

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