2020 Ford Atlas: Design, Diesel, Price

2020 Ford Atlas design

Blue Oval automaker will introduce its new pickup truck in the coming months. The 2020 Ford Atlas will most likely appear as a special edition of the famous F-150 pickup truck. Unlike the recently redesigned F-150 pickup, Atlas will wear old school design. Most reliable sources are suggesting a throwback …

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2021 Ford Flex: Colors, Trim Levels, Performance

2021 Ford Flex appearance

We already wrote about the possible discount of Ford Flex. However, new reports are saying that this model will continue with production in the future. The 2021 Ford Flex should introduce plenty of upgrades. It is a must for this full-size SUV due to low sales in recent years. Ford …

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2020 Ford Kuga ST Will Arrive Later in 2019

2020 Ford Kuga ST exterior

Ford’s ST line is incredibly popular across the whole planet. Blue Oval delivers this specific trim to its models for years now. The forthcoming 2020 Ford Kuga ST will be an interesting one. Whatsoever, Kuga seems like the perfect candidate. This model is very popular in Europe, but you can …

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2020 Ford F-150 Limited is a Luxurious Pickup Truck

2020 Ford F-150 Limited exterior

Just like any other established pickup truck, F-150 will also offer numerous configurations and body styles. This light-duty pickup is also available in a couple of trim levels. The 2020 Ford F-150 Limited will be the range-topping trim level. Slotted above Platinum trim, Limited offers nothing but a luxury. It …

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