2025 Ford F-250 Tremor Changes and Price

The highly anticipated 2025 Ford F-250 Tremor is set to make waves as one of the latest offerings in the lineup. Contrary to common misconceptions, the Tremor is not a mere trim level but an optional package designed to augment the off-road capabilities of Ford’s robust pickup trucks. The Tremor trim, featuring a formidable V8 engine, is poised for several enhancements, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience. Notably, this package, characterized by a lifted suspension, distinct tires, and a more aggressive aesthetic, is presented as an affordable alternative, distinguishing itself from the high-profile Raptor variant.

It is crucial to underscore that the Tremor is not just about appearances; it represents a functional upgrade for the F-Series, going beyond the aesthetic enhancements of the FX4 package. While the Tremor package may come at a higher cost compared to the FX4, the investment is justified by its sporty and aggressive design, aligning with Ford’s expectation that a significant portion of Super Duty buyers will opt for either the FX4 or Tremor off-road package.

The F-250 Tremor boasts a meticulously tuned suspension, larger shocks, and specially designed wheels and tires. Ford incorporates advanced off-road technology, equipping the package with 35-inch Goodyear tires, increased ground clearance, and enhanced approach/departure angles. These features collectively contribute to an optimized off-road experience, ensuring the Tremor lives up to its adventurous appearance.

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2025 Ford F-250 Tremor Features

Turning attention to the interior, the cabin of the 2025 Ford F-250 Tremor strikes a balance between elegance and sportiness. Positioned between the F-150 and the Ford Raptor in terms of interior design, the cabin is functional and straightforward, prioritizing comfort. Ford introduces higher-quality materials and slight modifications to the dashboard and center console, while additional luxury options are available for those seeking an elevated experience. The Tremor package is offered in XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum trim levels, exclusively in the crew cab configuration.


Under the hood, the Tremor maintains a reliable 7.3-liter V8 gasoline engine, acclaimed as a class-leading powerplant. Although lacking the high-performance status of the Raptor, the Tremor ensures remarkable towing capacity with 430 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque from the base gasoline engine. For those seeking more torque, an optional 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel engine is available, generating an impressive 1,050 lb-ft of torque.

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2025 Ford F-250 Tremor Price

The 2025 Ford F-250 Tremor package is set to hit the market on trim levels ranging from XLT to Limited, encompassing approximately 70% of the lineup. Notably, the Tremor package is exclusively available for retail use and is not an option for the basic XL work truck. Priced affordably at $2,000 above the base price of the chosen trim level, the Tremor offers a compelling proposition for enthusiasts. Sales are scheduled to commence in the fall, ensuring that avid fans can soon experience the capabilities of this off-road-ready powerhouse firsthand.

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