2025 Ford Thunderbird Won’t Come Back, But Here are Some Interesting Stories

Comebacks are more popular than ever. This time, we will check if the 2025 Ford Thunderbird might return. We can’t find reliable sources to confirm the existence of this idea. Ford will keep everything under the radar so the competition can’t respond fast.

The T-Bird is an iconic car, produced for 50 years across 11 generations. Two decades since the last edition, it is a good time to mark the 20th anniversary, with the 70th anniversary of the first appearance. The Thunderbird changed shape a lot throughout history, so we can’t guess how it is going to look now. The best odds are on the electric vehicle.

2025 Ford Thunderbird comeback
The first generation of the Thunderbird

2025 Ford Thunderbird: Pros and Cons

There are several reasons why you should not expect the 2025 Ford Thunderbird. First, there are no any indications from official sources. Not even hints that the iconic car could be back. If you hope that Ford is keeping it a secret, then here is another just take a look at what is going on with other cars by the Blue Oval carmaker. All are gone, but Mustang (speaking about the US market). Even if this is not enough – the car market is not profitable anymore, and the new T-Bird requires a lot of attention.

Not too many vehicles can celebrate the 70th anniversary. Well, it’s been 20 years already that Thunderbird is not here. Also, a special edition could shake up the market and improve the chances for the Mustang. General Motors is discontinuing its biggest rival– Camaro, so everyone is asking about the future of the Blue Oval’s icon. The 2025 Ford Thunderbird could be a great replacement. Still, those facts are pretty slim.

What Could Be Under the Hood

During 50-year production, there were a lot of V8 engines powering the Thunderbird. Ford is not so keen on using them recently, but the limited-time offer needs some exceptions and special treatment. A V8 is something all the fans want to see. Basically, the T-Bird would be a high-end version of the Mustang. It uses a 5.0-l displacement with 450-480 hp, depending on the package and configuration. A 5.2-liter supercharged mill is not an option. This one is reserved only for the GT500 Shelby.

2025 Ford Thunderbird
This is how T-Bird looked like in 2005

2025 Ford Thunderbird as an EV

Even if the 2025 Ford Thunderbird comes back, it will be as an EV. Clearly, there is no room in the fleet for a car with an internal combustion engine when the company discontinues them. But, electric powertrains are the future and Ford will need a car with such a plant. It won’t be a classic Thunderbird and the new vehicle won’t have anything to do with its predecessors with the same name.

But as said, the T-Bird evolved through the years, always following modern trends. New times require new solutions and an electric drivetrain is the choice for most future arrivals. It has a downside, though – the EV technology is still expensive. That means the Thunderbird is going to cost more than expected. As an electric car, it will probably be more than $40k, assuming the performance stays under the high-end numbers.

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