All-New 2025 Lincoln Nautilus SUV Full Review

The mid-size SUV has just been redesigned and entered the second generation. Bosses are happy with sales, although the market for a two-row vehicle of the 2025 Lincoln Nautilus size won’t be big. Fans are usually looking for the extended range provided by Corsair, or the extra power and space they can get from Aviator.

The vehicle is completely new, outside and inside. The first generation of the Nautilus replaced Lincoln MKX, when the company decided to go out with more distinctive names, instead of the MK- lineup. Two engine options will be guaranteed for the 2025 Lincoln Nautilus. However, fans expect a V6 to come back, at least for the high-end Black Label package. Besides that, you can also purchase the vehicle in Premiere and Reserve trims.

The new look brought new options. The SUV is now packed with extra goodies and more advanced tech. Still, the fresh design draws the most attention, especially the front fascia. Chalet and Redwood are unique interior themes for the top-of-the-line Black Label model.

All in all, the refresh will make the Nautilus more interesting to buyers for a season or two. In 2025, the company will have to bring a few updates. The SUV is designed in the US but built in China.

next gen 2025 Lincoln Nautilus suv

2025 Lincoln Nautilus Specs

Under the hood of the 2025 Lincoln Nautilus will be a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. It can deliver 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque, which is 5 lb-ft fewer than its predecessor. This time, a four-banger is more efficient, returning 24-25 mpg. The previous Nautilus returned 21/26 mpg with a FWD. An all-wheel drive is optional. In both cases, an improved 8-speed transmission routes power to axles.

If you choose an alternative, there is no big difference in the petrol engine. But, this time, it is a hybrid. Thanks to electric batteries, the new Nautilus can do 310 hp which are distributed to wheels through a CVT. According to announcements, the 2025 Lincoln Nautilus hybrid is going to return around 35 mpg combined. Such a system improves the mileage in the city, while the highway performance is not better than the petrol engine alone.

A 2.7-liter turbo V6 was dropped from the second-gen Nautilus. It might be back, but experts have big doubts. The company is going smaller. Instead of big V6 and V8 engines, nowadays we can find more efficient turbo-four units, even on large vehicles. A mid-size two-row SUV doesn’t require a V6 anymore with a 310-hp rated hybrid setup.

2025 Lincoln Nautilus black label redwood

Fresh Look, New Features, Improved Safety

Lincoln is updating the SUV lineup. We can also hear that Town Car might be back soon. The mid-size Nautilus came out right after a smaller Corsair, but two siblings are not sharing too many design solutions. You can also spot some traces of the all-electric Lincoln Star concept used on the new SUV. the biggest novelty is a completely new front fascia with a light bar across the grille. An illuminated logo sits higher than before, while the grille is larger. The luxury SUV needs to offer a few special goodies, such as pixel headlights. Nine colors are available across the lineup and three are new. The roof comes in a contrasting shade.

Inside, you can get some high-end options, such as a 24-way massaging seat, or a 28-speaker Revel sound system. Lincoln Rejuvenate is something new for the SUV – an experience that will combine animations, lighting and scents inside the cockpit. A flat steering wheel is eye-catching, as well as many other things inside the vehicle. The best interiors are available with the Black Label package. for the 2025 Lincoln Nautilus, buyers can select Chalet or Redwood.

The BlueCruise hands-free system is improved for the new SUV. By the time 2025 YM shows up, it will introduce even more options. It features a turn signal lane-changing system called ActiveGlide. The intelligent adaptive cruise is smarter and it can push the Nautilus closer to the lines if there are larger vehicles in adjacent lanes.

2025 Lincoln Nautilus hybrid

2025 Lincoln Nautilus Pricing

The luxury SUV is not cheap. You are not going to get a bargain for these vehicles, especially after updates that introduce extra options. The base version of the 2025 Lincoln Nautilus, the Premiere, starts off at $50,500. Premium colors cost $750 and there are many optional packages available. The Jet Appearance bundle is carried over from the previous generation because of its popularity. Switching to a hybrid engine costs $1,500.

Reserve is a mid-range trim with a $55,000 price tag without destination and other fees. It packs more accessories and unlocks Reserve III optional bundle. The Black Label is adding a thematic interior. On Chalet, icy white is a dominant color, while Redwood is a bit warmer. If you want a unique experience, be ready to pay $75,000. The 2025 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label packs all the options from lower levels, plus the most advanced features we already mentioned (Revel audio, Lincoln Rejuvenate, BlueCruise…).

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