Ford Falcon GT Comeback as High-Performance EV

We already wrote about the comeback of the iconic car. The company filed for the trademark and the rumors immediately started floating around. The nameplate survived until 2016. The last model was cut from the lineup in Australia. The trademark registration sparked the hope for the return, but speculations go even further. The Ford Falcon GT is the performance model Australians remember well. The upgrade was available on three different models and you might remember it from motorsport races. Now, the GT model is about to be powered by an electric drivetrain.

The first Falcon GT was launched in 1968. The company kept it in the lineup for ten years, and then the 25th Anniversary edition made the comeback. This time, the lifespan was shorter. After 5 years, the GT badge was out of the lineup. Fans didn’t have to wait 15 years this time, and the last Falcon with GT package debuted in 2003. Another 10-year run ended when the company announced the discontinuation of the Falcon in 2014. Other versions were produced for another season.

Ford Falcon GT price

Ford Falcon GT Electric

When you don’t know something about the upcoming vehicle, saying it is going to be an EV is the safe bet. Ford promised that the entire lineup will be electrified by 2030, so the Falcon GT might join the fleet. From this point, it would be nonsense to predict anything further, such as range or performance. Since the GT badge is there, even the electric version is going to offer more power and better performance than the base configuration. Let’s assume that Falcon returns where it was the most popular – to Australia. In the United States, there is no chance that the Ford Falcon GT electric will be there before the Mustang EV (not SUV).


The GT has been a performance package through entire Ford’s history. For the Falcon, the first such model appeared in 1968, eight years after the debut of the car. In the next few years, the Ford Falcon GT has always been upgraded and the car quickly hit 300 hp. For this time, this was an incredible output. In 1992, the Falcon GT was developed in partnership with Tickford with a 5.0 engine. After another hiatus, the final version of the performance car featured 5.4-liter engine and 390-450 horsepower.

So, the main highlight is a potent engine and massive outputs. If this vehicle had 450 hp more than 10 years ago, the upcoming Ford Falcon GT might use a 5.2-liter supercharged mill and 600+ horsepower. The company must make it special.

Ford Falcon GT comeback

When Will Ford Falcon GT Debut?

The release date of the Ford Falcon GT depends on the base model. The company won’t bring the GT package alone. So, when the base Falcon shows up for the fourth time, we can also expect the performance model. Let’s hope that stories about the electric version are fake and fans don’t have to wait until 2030 to see it. There is a sea of electric vehicles coming up in the next few seasons. Mustang definitely has a priority. We won’t count the Mach-E electric SUV as a ‘Stang.

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