2025 Ford Puma is Replacing EcoSport; Puma EV Spotted, Debuts in 2024

European drivers love small crossovers, so there is no wonder why Ford Puma achieves good sales numbers. Some say it can replace the EcoSport in the United States. The redesign of the subcompact model is near, so we’ll see what the company decides. In the meantime, the 2025 Ford Puma is getting an all-electric version. The prototypes are already being tested and the release is announced for 2024. There are also some details, but the carmaker is keeping something for the debut as well.

You can find everything under the hood of the 2025 Ford Puma. There are petrol units, oil burners, and hybrids. An electric battery joins the party next year. Manual and automatic transmissions offer even more choices. We’ll see if the company is launching Puma in more markets. Nowadays, this model is available only in Europe and Australia. The production is taking place in Romania, but more factories can be used for the build in the future, especially the EV.

2025 ford puma ev

Engines and Specs

This small crossover uses efficient units. The base configuration is a 1.0-liter turbocharged I-3 with 95 horsepower. There are also boosted versions where engineers managed to squeeze 115 ponies. In a hybrid version, the system centered around a 1.0 unit delivers 155 hp. You can upgrade it with a 1.5-liter turbo unit and the ST package. This is a sporty setup that delivers the best power output – up to 200 horsepower. Previously, this engine could do 170 hp. For the 2025 Ford Puma ST won’t be further enhancements. The EcoBlue diesel plant is delivering 120 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque.

A six-speed manual and a 7-speed DCT are available gearboxes. The configuration depends on the engine and markets, as well as the fuel economy. The best one in this section is, of course, hybrid.

2025 ford puma electric

2025 Ford Puma EV

The next stage in the evolution is the 2025 Ford Puma electric. The prototypes are running on-road tests and we can expect the EV to show up already in 2025. However, the crossover is under heavy camouflage and only a few details could be spotted. Puma EV brings new design solutions and accents as well as trim levels.

What is more important is what kind of performance we can expect. Since the Puma EV is going to share platform with the E-Transit Courier van, we could see a similar range – up to 230 miles. Ford is also improving the recharge system. By the time the electric crossover debuts, the battery is going to be restored faster. The EV is not a road monster. It will need around 9 seconds to sprint 0-60 mph and max power should be 140 hp.

2025 Ford Puma to Replace EcoSport, New Markets

Ford will expand the presence of the new model, especially with an EV. For now, production takes place in Romania, where the 2025 Ford Puma electric is going to be assembled. But, with a higher demand, the company will have to find a solution. Ford already discontinued the Fiesta hatchback in Europe. Two vehicles shared the platform, so many say the Puma is the replacement, although bigger.

That is not all. The 2025 Ford Puma might become available in the US. EcoSport is underachieving and the company is looking to boost its presence in the market. Redesign of the existing model is one of the solutions. However, the other possibility might be even better – the new model. Puma already has a fanbase in North America. Drivers would definitely give a chance to the vehicle and we are sure the sales would go up. Plans for the future are the biggest obstacle. Compact crossover class is way more popular and some companies are even dropping subcompact models. Electric Puma is a crossover for the future, so the whole package might be moved to the US.

2025 ford puma st

Release Date

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new Puma to be launched. Then we will see the company’s plans and if it is going to replace the EcoSport. Puma is longer and bigger, so it can be added to the US lineup without discontinuing the existing subcompact crossover. The EV is arriving in the second half of 2024 and then, bosses will announce plans for the future. The base model is without big changes, so European buyers don’t have to worry about the price. Since it is bigger than EcoSport, the price in the United States will be higher, probably starting around $25,000.

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