Ford is Reviving Fiesta as an Electric Hatchback as the 2025 YM

Ford discontinued Fiesta and all other cars in the US a few years ago. The 2023 season was supposed to be the last one for the subcompact hatchback in all other markets. But, it is not over yet, with rumors coming from British magazines about the all-new 2025 Ford Fiesta. The hatch might be back but as an EV. The thing is – Ford wants to build it on the VW’s MEB platform. Such partnerships are not a priority, so the new Fiesta might not come back so soon.

The car was in production for nearly 50 years. But, slow sales made bosses do some radical cuts. After seven generations, the hatch is out. Even if it comes back as an EV, that is a totally different vehicles. Plus, it won’t be a 100% Ford. Volkswagen uses the MEB platform for its small ID2 and the same architecture will underpin the upcoming 2025 Ford Fiesta EV.

VW MEB platform

A Few Hints

The US carmaker is not confirming the comeback of the hatchback. However, there are hints about the possible return. For example, the boss of the company’s European department Martin Sander mentioned an electric vehicle as a future project. He didn’t say it will be Fiesta, though. But, we know the electric vehicle is replacing the hatchback in a plant in Germany.

The partnership with Volkswagen is not a secret. Both companies are proud of their results and the new projects are in plans. Even another big electric SUV by Ford is coming out soon, also using the MEB architecture. The compact vehicle is not official yet, but we can make comparisons between the VW ID2 and Ford Fiesta electric. Size and price are similar, which is enough to make further speculations.

2025 Ford Fiesta electric

2025 Ford Fiesta EV Range

It is easy to predict some things when the 2025 Ford Fiesta EV is going to use the MEB platform. We just need to compare it to the VW ID2. The range of the electric vehicle is 280 miles and it needs 7 seconds to sprint 0-60 mph. The battery can deliver 225 horsepower. Ford is going to work on the recharging system. Volkswagen managed to develop a charger that restores 10 to 80 percent of a battery in 20 minutes. Fiesta can’t use the same platform and make some huge improvements. Engineers will have two years to build a better model and possibly improve some of the performances.

2025 Ford Fiesta ev

2025 Ford Fiesta Release Date and Price

It looks like British fans are fuming the most about the discontinuation of the small hatchback. Rumors about the comeback are loudest there. According to projections, the new 2025 Ford Fiesta electric will be priced at around 22,000 pounds. The VW ID2 costs 17,500 euros in Germany in the base form. Still, higher-end models will be above 25,000 EUR. The electric fiesta might be available in the US market as well. Hyundai sells the Ioniq 5 and Ford’s archrival Chevrolet recently launched the new Bolt EV (as well as the Bolt EUV crossover).

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