2025 Lincoln Mark LT – The Navigator Truck

Lincoln produced a pickup truck 20 years ago. It didn’t last for too long, but many truckers still remember the Mark LT. The production in Michigan ended already in 2008, while the Mexican plant built the truck for a few more years. Ever since the discontinuation, we are listening to the comeback. Here are the latest 2025 Lincoln Mark LT rumors.

There are many pros and cons to why the pickup should be back. Mark LT was discontinued because of two reasons. First – SUVs started to overtake the market. Those vehicles could tow a lot and many expected them to replace trucks. Second – economic crisis in the second half of the 2000s. Nevertheless, the situation is now brighter in both ways.

The truck segment is expanding. In the past few years, we saw debuts of compact pickups and hybrid and electric models. A mid-size segment is also rising. However, the luxury truck class can’t catch up with other tiers. Truckers are willing to pay extra to get a better performance. The premium segment is more focused on upscale materials, advanced tech and modern infotainment systems.

2025 Lincoln Mark LT return

Turning an SUV into a Truck

For the new pickup, the company will use an existing platform. Legendary Ford F-150 truck is sharing the same architecture with a few SUVs – Expedition and premium Lincoln Navigator. Basically, the 2025 Lincoln Mark LT will be a mix of these two worlds. The upcoming pickup might be the F-150 with a premium touch of the Lincoln, or the Navigator SUV with truck capabilities.

2025 Lincoln Mark LT Specs

Engineers will install the most potent configuration for the 2025 Lincoln Mark LT truck. Well, Ford is not going to use a V8 motor since a turbocharged V6 can produce better numbers. A 3.5-liter unit can provide up to 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. On the Navigator SUV, this engine is tuned to 440 hp. A hybrid system is also possible. In that case, the power drops to 430 ponies, but the torque jumps to 580 lb-ft. Gas mileage is also getting a boost.

The truck should have a better towing capacity than the Navigator. The SUV can haul 8,300 pounds. Still, the luxury pickup will be packed with a lot of extra options, which increases curb weight, and that affects overall towing potential.

2025 Lincoln Mark LT concept

2025 Lincoln Mark LT vs Cadillac Escalade EXT

Like always, Lincoln is going to compete with Cadillac. The rivalry is going to be revived in the truck segment. Both companies were producing pickups during the 2000s and now there are only rumors about their comebacks. While the 2025 Lincoln Mark LT is not getting a V8 engine, the Cadillac Escalade EXT, an SUV-based pickup, will use a big 6.2-liter displacement with 420 hp and 460 lb-ft. Also, a high-output V-Series truck is possible with a supercharged configuration. That one would be a rival to the Ram TRX and Ford Raptor R.

Release Date and Price

The 2025 Lincoln Mark LT is yet to be confirmed. The truck is so close to the comeback, but also so far at the same time. Ford is using all the resources to build more F-150 pickups. Plus, the legendary vehicle is also offering a high-end model with plenty of advanced options. So, the Mark LT is not a priority for now. Another possible nameplate for a Lincoln truck is Blackwood.

If the 2025 Lincoln Mark LT comes out, the price won’t be cheap. The pickup will cost more than $85,000. Ford sells F-150 Limited from $83,000. The Lincoln truck could replace it as a premium option. The Black Label package could be interesting. Truckers willing to splash more than $100k will get a unique interior theme. A high-output V8 engine might be an additional option, but such a performance pickup would cost more than $160,000.

2025 Lincoln Mark LT comeback


Taking everything into consideration, the Lincoln pickup is not likely to be back for the 2025 season. Nevertheless, never say never when there are speculations about Ford trucks. Many had doubts about the Maverick compact pickup, but it turned out well for the Blue Oval company. If they launch the luxury truck, be sure Cadillac is coming out with a response.

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