2024 Lincoln Zephyr Will Be Available in the US

It is such a long and turbulent history of the Zephyr car. Originally, it was Lincoln’s luxury model whose production ended in 1942. Ford took the nameplate to Britain, where the executive car lasted for more than 2 decades, between 1950 and 1972. After this discontinuation, we had to wait 30 years to see it again in 2006. However, the premium sedan was renamed to MKZ. The old name is back again, but only for the Chinese market. Now, the 2024 Lincoln Zephyr is heading home.

The Chinese car is a mid-size luxury sedan. Fans from this part of the world are becoming more interested in premium brands, so it is not a surprise why the Zephyr is available there. Of course, Ford, the parent company, gave the green light to such a project. The carmaker discontinued production of all sedans in the US. The only available car is the legendary Mustang. They could surprise fans with the 2024 Lincoln Zephyr, although you can also read rumors about better-known Continental and Town Car comebacks.

2024 Lincoln Zephyr usa

Chinese Lincoln Z is Not a Bad Car At All

In the past few years, the Chinese automotive industry is growing rapidly thanks to increased purchasing power. Luxury cars became the first choice for many consumers pretty fast. The Lincoln Z is such a brand-new model. Judging from the sales, the vehicle is more than competitive with the BMW 3, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class. Some say that the overall performance of the Lincoln Z can compete with the BMW 5 Series. Either way, Chinese consumers can save a lot by picking an American company over a German carmaker.

What Will 2024 Lincoln Zephyr Look Like?

The appearance of the 2024 Lincoln Zephyr will be very fashionable. Paying more attention to the aesthetic draws young people. The new Zephyr adopts a coupe design, which makes it look sharp and angular. On the other hand, the headroom in the back might become an issue. The first eye-catching detail is an air intake paired with a dot-matrix chrome-plated grille. The side looks like a fastback, which is a popular body style in the US nowadays. Aggressive and dynamic, the Zephyr is going to draw a lot of attention. At the rear, the new Zephyr comes with a very popular taillight set. Lincoln’s logo is embedded in the middle, which further highlights the unique identity of this car. High-end models offer a welcome light and shadow system.

The 2024 Lincoln Zephyr continues to impress inside the cockpit. The 12.3-inch + 27-inch wide panoramic screen can’t be missed. Screens support an HD resolution and multi-touch. It can also work as an independent split-screen content display, which can greatly enhance the auxiliary functions. A double-spoke steering wheel also features touch-sensitive buttons. Older buyers can complain, but those kinds of things are drawing young fans.

2024 Lincoln Zephyr comeback

2024 Lincoln Zephyr Specs, EV

The Chinese version of the car uses a 2.0-liter turbo engine with a maximum power of 246 horsepower and a peak torque of 376 Nm (277 lb-ft). It is matched with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and accelerates 0-60 mph in less than 7 seconds.

The US version might offer different or additional choices. Buyers in this part of the world won’t complain about a bigger and more powerful unit. Some high-output V6 might deliver a lot more power, probably up to 400 hp. But, it is all on the Lincoln. With all the things happening in the automotive industry, we must mention the 2024 Lincoln Zephyr as an electric car. It is too early to talk about the EV since the first concept that will be turned into the production model is Lincoln Star, and that is due to happen late in 2024.

2024 Lincoln Zephyr interior


It is not so likely to see the 2024 Lincoln Zephyr back in the US, but we have to check the rumors. Ford left the car segment in this part of the world and the process continues in Europe, where factories are dropping hatchbacks and sedans to build more crossovers and SUVs. It is not hard to guess why the company is forcing these moves.

Chinese market is different. It has a huge potential thanks to the number of people living in this country and the recent explosion of buying power. Fans are crazy about luxury vehicles, not only Lincoln. Even General Motors moved a lot of production there. Cadillacs are hot, while all the Buicks are built in China now.

US customers would rather like to see Lincoln Continental, an iconic car discontinued in 2020. The 2024 Lincoln Zephyr would be a refreshment. Nevertheless, the luxury car segment is dead compared to crossovers and SUVs and sales don’t lie – they are the best indicator of current market status. It is not about the Lincoln and Zephyr, but the type of the vehicle.

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