New Clues Confirm the 2025 Ford Bronco Pickup is Not Happening

The company continues to upgrade the Bronco lineup. The legendary SUV arrived after a few years of waiting and a delay. Bronco Sport is a 2-door crossover, perfect for adventures. It didn’t take too long for the Blue Oval manufacturer to add the Raptor edition. Now, engineers are working on a new drivetrain –a PHEV unit. Meanwhile, designers are trying to convert the SUV into the 2025 Ford Bronco pickup.

The vehicle is very capable thanks to the ladder frame. Body-on-frame SUVs are also called truck-based. So, the architecture is not going to be a problem when building the 2025 Ford Bronco pickup. Also, there are three engines already available for the SUV, and the fourth is on the horizon. One of them will be suitable. The size should be similar to the existing vehicle. However, designers will give us choices when it comes to cab and bed configurations.

2025 Ford Bronco Pickup

2025 Ford Bronco Pickup Expectations

Capability, reliability, durability, performance, comfort, and safety – are just some of the reasons why everyone wants to see the 2025 Ford Bronco pickup. The bad news is – where it could fit into the truck lineup? The company packed every segment, leaving no room for new additions. The SUV is an excellent off-roader, but Ford recently added the Raptor version to the Ranger truck. Fitting it between the midsize pickup and compact Maverick is another hot topic for discussion.

The bottom line – the Bronco truck can draw attention immediately. But in the long term, it can’t be competitive in the larger midsize pickup market.

2025 Ford Bronco Pickup hybrid

2025 Ford Bronco Pickup Specs

Under the hood of the 2025 Ford Bronco pickup will be the same engines the SUV is using. The base version is a 2.3-liter turbo-four. It can deliver 300 hp and 315 lb-ft of torque. For most trucks, this is enough. However, a V6 is a more likely option. A 2.7-l EcoBoost setup creates 30 hp more, but truckers love extra cylinders. In both cases, a 10-speed automatic gearbox is a power router. A larger engine also creates more torque – 410 pound-feet. The price paid in gas mileage is not huge, since the V6 consumes only 1 mpg more than a turbo-four.

Raptor truck is probably not an option. A sort of hybrid system is pretty likely. However, it won’t do the job for most of the truckers. The Bronco EV is in plans for the future. However, the electric truck is not going to be out before the SUV gets the upgrade.

2025 Ford Bronco Pickup truck

When to Expect the Decision?

For now, it is unlikely to see the 2025 Ford Bronco pickup. However, the company could be under the pressure. No other vehicle drew so much attention as Bronco. Ever since its discontinuation fans expected its comeback. As a truck-based SUV, the pickup version shouldn’t be a problem to build. For now, there is no need for such a vehicle. But after the 2025 season, Ford could start thinking about the new pickup. An electric version could be a rival to GMC Hummer. As said, we are a few years from this rivalry.

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