2025 Ford Ranchero Rumors are Officially Dead

The last Ranchero was produced 45 years ago. Rumors about the comeback swim out every now and then. Currently, it is a dead season and the 2025 Ford Ranchero is very unlikely to happen. The latest chance was when the company decided to build a compact truck. The Maverick took the spot instead. Small pickup is the perfect choice for the Ranchero, since it was car-based model. Today, Maverick is a crossover-based pickup.

Still, there is a lot of talk about next moves. The 2025 Ford Ranchero is not the only pickup we might see. For example, we can find headlines about the Bronco truck. Even this one is not so likely to happen, but it still has bigger chances. From now on, we see it as a race for the vacant spot in the electric truck segment. That is probably the only option for both nameplates. Again, Bronco has better odds with the GMC Hummer EV being already available for pre-orders.

2025 Ford Ranchero release date

2025 Ford Ranchero Pros and Cons

The comeback of an old nameplate is always cool, since companies are trying to fix all the issues and make vehicles better than ever. But, the bad thing is that new models don’t always carry over old position in the family. For example, Bronco is a different SUV, but it somehow takes the same position. Ranger as well. For example, Ford used Mustang for an electric SUV. With 2025 Ford Ranchero, the situation is a bit different. Car-based trucks are not in production for a long time. Now, there are crossover-based pickups and Ford is a pioneer in this class with Maverick. So, that cuts out the last position available in the truck lineup.

From this point of a view, the comeback of the 2025 Ford Ranchero will be too much. General Motors builds two kinds of trucks – under Chevrolet and GMC badges. Those are practically the same models, but with different look and equipment. Ranchero would be part of the Ford lineup, and there are too many other possibilities. For example, rumors about the Bronco truck are there, as well as the Lincoln truck.

2025 Ford Ranchero price

Electric Truck

The only way to see the 2025 Ford Ranchero is as an electric pickup. The F-150 Lightning is already there. We can assume the company is not going to bring EV versions of Ranger and Maverick. That is the chance for the Ranchero. A compact electric pickup can be out, but this is just a wild guess. There are no details about the development, and even if it was, Ford can take many other names. Turning a cool-looking vehicle into an EV, a class that is not accepted well yet, could be a miss. On the other hand, the entire market is growing, so this can be a kick start for Ford.

2025 Ford Ranchero release concept

2025 Ford Ranchero vs Chevrolet el Camino

One move can trigger the return of the 2025 Ford Ranchero – the comeback of its main rival. Rumors about the Chevy el Camino are pretty similar – based on unofficial speculations. However, General Motors has a spot in the lineup for the old nameplate. They are yet to launch a compact pickup. As a model that was car-based pickup in the past, it has sense to see the el Camino as the new crossover-based truck. In this case, it would be a rival to Ford Maverick, not Ranchero.

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