2024 Ford Expedition to Receive Mid-Cycle Facelift

Another SUV is on the horizon, get ready for the 2024 Ford Expedition. This is a full-size crossover SUV. This means it is quite capable and has the great styling of the SUV. The expedition has a unibody build, while most SUVs come with ladder frame construction.

Currently, this is the only Ford SUV without a hybrid powertrain. But that is about to change in 2024. Big Blue Oval announced that the 2024 Ford Expedition is about to get a hybrid powertrain. This is great news as new emission regulations are coming in and this will help the SUV a lot. Let’s take a look at what the crossover would look like.

Interior Upgrades

The inside of the 2024 Ford Expedition is practical and stylish. It features new seating with extra cushioning. This comes in handy and it really shows when you are going off-road. Which this crossover is quite capable of. There is a third-row option with Expedition. If you need extra space in the cargo area, you can always fold the back 2 seats and get a whole lot of space.

There is a panoramic Vista Roof. It has 2 panels and makes outdoor adventures more fun. The infotainment system is a vertical 15-inch screen which is more than enough so the whole cabin can view it. Some trims get exclusive Del Rio leather. There are chrome accents along the cabin so the styling is much improved. On top of everything we also get BlueCruise hands-free driving.

2024 Ford Expedition interior

Premium Styling

The outside of the 2024 Ford Expedition didn’t change too much from its predecessors. The front mesh is big and wide with big Ford lettering on the front. Headlights are linear. Bumpers fit seamlessly into the design and aren’t protruding. Wheel rims range from trim to trim, you can even get 20-inch lightweight alloys. Colors include Stone Blue, Infinite Blue, Star White, Rapid Red, Forged Green, Dark Matter, and Agate Black.

2024 Ford Expedition platinum

Ford Expedition Hybrid Rumors

Not having a hybrid powertrain these days is a bit of a hassle. Especially with stricter laws about pollution, having at least a hybrid under the hood goes a long way. That is why Ford decided that their new 2024 Ford Expedition will get an electric boost. It will use a similar hybrid system as in the famous F-150 truck. Having a PowerBoost system will help a lot in both performance and mileage for the Expedition. Currently, the F-150 has a 3.5 liter V6 and gets a bit more power from the hybrid motor, 47 horsepower to be exact.

Altogether it accounts for 490 horsepower and 570 pound-feet of torque. This is more than enough to move the big crossover SUV around and get it out of tight spots. The extra torque will come in handy while going off-roading. Expedition will also use the same base 3.5 liter V6 with 375 horses. But the hybrid part of the powertrain might get updated. It is possible that Ford goes with 2 electric motors this time around. This means more power and better power distribution since each axle gets its own hybrid helper.

Again, it will use the famous ten-speed automatic transmission as this offers the most benefits. All-wheel driving is most probable since Expedition is equipped for the wild path. Apparently, no other engines will be offered, so no diesel or straight-up petrol versions. Electrification is most certainly in the works. We see where Ford is going with most of its fleet and Expedition is bound to go green at some point. By then Big Blue Oval will have the new platform ready to accommodate the whole electric powertrain.

2024 Ford Expedition release date

Fuel Economy

We aren’t sure how many miles per gallon the 2024 Ford Expedition will get. But we can estimate it based on the F-150 statistics. Currently, the F-150 PowerBoost is sitting at 24mpg combined. The size of these two vehicles is almost the same so we don’t suspect any deviations from this number. Which is not too shabby for a full-size crossover SUV.

2024 Ford Expedition Price and Release Date

It is bound to get on stage sometime during 2023, most probably in the fall. Starting price for the 2024 Ford Expedition will be $51000 and will go up based on the extra amenities you choose. There will be several trims available as well. This includes Timberline model, Stealth Performance, King Ranch, Texas Edition Package, Platinum, and XL STX model

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