2025 Ford Ranger Lighting Release Date and Towing Capacity

The upcoming 2025 Ford Ranger Lighting is a counterpart to the popular Ford F-150 electric truck, extending the lineup within the F-Series family. The success of the half-ton pickup has surpassed expectations, prompting Ford to introduce another EV. This strategic move aligns with Ford’s ambition to dominate the market in the new segment, which will replace all other classes in the foreseeable future. Still, the competition is there – GM is already out with some concepts ready for production and future prototypes.

We know that the 2025 Ford Ranger Lighting is going to be assembled in a plant in Stanton, Tennessee. The precise release date is not set yet, but the truck has to debut as soon as possible. A few more similar vehicles are on the way too. Ford could go even further and launch the new Maverick compact pickup with an electric drivetrain.

2025 Ford Ranger Lighting

2025 Ford Ranger Lighting Range, Towing Capacity

The EV doesn’t have a powerplant under the hood. There is a hidden cargo department called “frunk” (front trunk). The battery is under the seats. The transmission tunnel is also excluded on EVs. It is still unknown what will be the capacity of the battery that will power the 2025 Ford Ranger Lighting. We could compare it to the Mach-E electric SUV. But, the truck needs special tuning and modifications.

A range of at least 200 miles is competitive. However, Ford will likely aim at least 230 or 250 miles. Higher-end configurations will offer more than 300. The towing capacity of the midsize electric pickup needs to be at least 7,000 pounds. Of course, the battery drains with more cargo. That is one of the reasons why truckers don’t like EVs so much. It will be very hard for batteries to replace internal combustion engines, especially in the segment where you can still find quite a few diesel configurations.

It is impossible to talk about recharging time, but Ford is working on advanced systems. We can follow updates about existing EVs to get a picture. Tue focus is on quick recharge to 80 percent, which needs to take no longer than 30 mins.

Why EVs Won’t Overtake Truck Segment So Easily?

We already see that the future of the automotive market is electric. Zero emissions are the ultimate goal. While there are more and more small vehicles, and new larger SUVs are appearing, truck prototypes are still being presented pretty shy.

First of all, the technology is still expensive and companies are not ready to quit the profit other products are already generating. Then, the capacities of EVs are not a match to the performance offered by internal combustion engines. Even hybrid setups can’t enter this market so easily. Tundra is one of the rare models available at the moment. Maintenance of EVs is also more expensive, plus the recharge network still needs to grow.

Nevertheless, laws are more strict and restrictions are tighter – a zero-emission future is getting closer and the truck market won’t be an exception. Diesels are already being cut, although some trucks will still offer oil burners. In 5 years, these won’t exist. A big question mark is even above petrol configurations.

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