2025 Lincoln Continental Concept Looks Like the New Batmobile

The luxury car is probably dead for good. But a wide base of fans won’t give up so easily. They made the 2025 Lincoln Continental concept and it looks like something we might see is the future as the EV. The concept that drew the most attention is from 2012. Lawrence Tech University students unveiled the prototype that was supposed to enter production in 2025. In the meantime, the company revived the Continental, but only for a short stint. That means Ford is not ready to forget about the iconic luxury car. The LTU project might be revived.

We can hope, but facts are not promising. Ford dropped almost every car from the lineup. Only Mustang is in production in the USA. Even overseas the manufacturer is giving advantage to crossovers and SUVs. We already analyzed rumors about the Town Car comeback, and the conclusion is the same – the company won’t gamble in the dying segment.

new 2025 Lincoln Continental

2025 Lincoln Continental New Look

The concept from 2012 still looks futuristic. However, thanks to the new technology, we see it as a realistic electric vehicle for the 2025 or 2026 season. Glass roof is a bit unsafe. New materials can support the concept. Half-closed rear wheel with muscular side doesn’t seem ready to enhance aerodynamics. However, some retunings and revisits could make the 2025 Lincoln Continental concept ready for the production and make the car competitive. The prototype is definitely a big step away from the old look. Lincoln has to offer something unique and completely different to try to revive the interest in their car.


Ford discontinued its cars, including premium models under Lincoln brand. On the other hand, General Motors kept a few Cadillacs – CT4, CT5 and CT6. But, the Blue Oval manufacturer didn’t care about that. Toyota is turning its Century sedan into an SUV. Plus, the Japanese company is building a few premium models behind the Lexus brand. You can still find IS, ES and LS. European manufacturers are setting up the pace in this segment. All three German premium brands are available in the US, and you can select cars of a different size. Of course, Mercedes is still the main producer of luxury vehicles. Also, Volvo V90 is full of advanced features and options.

2025 Lincoln Continental concept

2025 Lincoln Continental Electric

Looking at the old 2025 Lincoln Continental concept, we can easily say it will be an electric sedan. By checking what is going on in the automotive industry nowadays, it is really something that could happen. The only thing missing is Ford’s official approval. The company already launched Mach-E SUV and the Ford Lightning is on the way as well. In the Lincoln lineup, we can only find Star electric SUV for now. Well, this brand is nowadays reserved for crossovers and SUVs. Truck and sedans are discontinued.

Petrol Engines

One thing is sure – the Continental sedan will be big and requires a lot of power. Engineers are going to upgrade the previous version, discontinued in 2020. The last edition had three configurations delivering 300-400 hp. A turbocharged V6 unit can do 350 hp. A 3.5-liter with twin-turbo system goes up to 450 hp. New vehicles are available with a hybrid version of the setup, with decreased power (430 hp) but enhanced torque (510 to 580 lb-ft). We can also think about the PHEV configuration available for the Aviator SUV. In this case, the sedan might be one of the most potent luxury cars with 495 horsepower.

2025 Lincoln Continental price


You won’t get a bargain for the 2025 Lincoln Continental. The car costs an arm and a leg. The MSRP won’t be under $80,000. For this money, you can buy more practical SUV with a lot of equipment and power. Plus, higher trim levels will be in the six-digit price realm. Black Label is an interesting package, since the sedan would definitely get some unique theme.

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