2025 Ford Mondeo Updates: Hybrid and ST Models; No Comeback to the US Market

If there was a slight hope that the 2025 Ford Mondeo might be available in the US again, the company dismissed the rumors with the latest move. The car is removed from European factories and it won’t be offered there either. So, the fifth-gen Mondeo remains in production only in China. We will find this vehicle in some other markets, such as the Middle East, but it is called Taurus.

Ford launched the next-gen model this year and announced the end of production and sales in the United States. It was the last sedan built in North America since all others were already cut. As a matter of fact, the only car available in the US is the Mustang. Even the legendary muscle car is under the question mark with a flood of crossovers and SUVs that killed almost every car. General Motors won’t build the Chevy Camaro after the 2024 season, so fans are worried about the Mustang as well.

Nevertheless, the Mondeo remains a part of the lineup in China and a few other markets. The all-new design already drawn a lot of attention. For the 2025 YM, we won’t see big changes. The carmaker might add extra options and packages, depending on the market where the car is available. Only two engines are offered for the initial edition. There are no diesel configurations anymore. Interesting, there is no any hybrid setup as well, which means we will have an update of the engine lineup soon.

2025 ford mondeo

2025 Ford Mondeo Specs

The new Mondeo features only a couple of petrol units. A 1.5-liter mill delivers 180 hp, while a 2.0-liter displacement can produce 238 hp. Both are EcoBoost four-cylinder models with turbochargers. An automatic transmission is standard with a FWD. A manual gearbox and AWD might be added to the 2025 YM. In the US, the car was getting power from a larger drivetrain. Outside this market, units bigger than 2.0-l are not so popular. Ford also dropped a 1.0-liter I3 EcoBoost setup. This one was too small for the full-size sedan.

In the fourth generation, Mondeo used a hybrid system based on a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle mill. Total output was 187 hp. Now, a more potent hybrid engine should be available for the upcoming sedan. Plus, a PHEV system is also possible. EcoBlue diesel is under the question mark. We might see a 2.0-liter motor in some markets. On the other hand, Duratorq technology is not coming back. With the EcoBlue, engineers can tune the drivetrain to deliver 150, 190, or 210 horsepower.

2025 ford mondeo interior


The 2025 Ford Mondeo is a five-seat full-size sedan with plenty of space inside the cockpit. Some crossovers and SUVs have advantages over headroom and cargo space. It seems to be pretty important nowadays. Anyway, the Mondeo will also be available as the estate vehicle, with an extended tail and a liftgate. The liftback was also one of the options in the fourth generation and certain markets.

For now, only three trim levels are ready for the car. Ambiente, Trend and Titanium is the lineup for now, but we expect the expansion, especially for the hybrid version. Some of the notable standard features are a 13-inch multimedia screen, an 8-inch driver’s gauge screen, and a camera. Optional upgrades include a wireless charger, premium audio system, leather seats, larger wheels, and sunroof… and some of these are available at higher trims.

2025 Ford Mondeo EV

This is one of the ways to see the Mondeo back in the US market. But as for vehicles with internal combustion engines, SUVs have a priority. Before Ford starts developing an electric car, they will also think about a few crossovers and trucks. So, the Mondeo ranks really low in the pecking order. Anyway, Chinese customers are hoping for electrification as well. With a range of at least 200 miles, the sedan could become one of the favorites.

Where Will 2025 Ford Mondeo Be Built?

The only factory that produces Mondeo is in Chungking, China. The company removed the vehicle from Europe, making more room for crossovers and SUVs in its plant in Valencia, Spain. The same happened to the factory in Taiwan, where the old Mondeo was built. We must travel even further in the past to find models produced in the US.

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