2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV is Two Years Away

Lincoln is about to start with its electrification plan. The first model that will reportedly arrive will be an SUV. This model will be about the same size as the Aviator SUV and it will look closer to the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept. However, the 2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV is another interesting model.

First of all, it is another concept right now. However, Lincoln intends to showcase how cool the new Start SUV will look. It looks too futuristic, so we expect the Star model will actually depart from the original concept. Lincoln plans to introduce three electric vehicles by 2025.

Design Looks Very Futuristic

Like any other concept, this one looks very futuristic. We think the 2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV will depart from the original roots and will look more conventional. Of course, it will be a very modern premium SUV with so much to offer. Design is far from boring, which is always a positive thing. Lincoln will focus on an impressive lighting system and the new Star model will come without a recognizable grille.

The star on the front fascia glows, and the see-through hood looks just amazing. Sure, an innovative lighting system is always a plus, but using lots of transparent materials is questionable. Like it or not, the Star SUV will look very exciting and unique.

2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV specs

Lincoln Star Electric SUV Interior

The interior is equally exciting in our opinion. The forthcoming 2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV will have a large digital display. This unit stretches the entirety of the dashboard, which looks very modern and upright. The flat floor will instantly create an open feel inside the cabin. Lincoln will provide lots of high-quality materials, so comfort is guaranteed.

This SUV will offer a digital briefcase, which allows for housing laptops and phones. Also, you can charge them at the same time. The concept photos are showing reclining lounge chairs, a digital assistant, and even the refrigerator. As we already said, this is a concept, so the production model will surely depart from that idea.

2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV interior

Driving Range, Batteries, Power

From what we know, the 2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV will sit on a new electric platform. This architecture will underpin all of the upcoming all-electric models. A flexible battery will be in use, and the Star model will offer setups with either one or two motors. Of course, official specs are not available yet, but many reports are predicting a similar output as in the Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover.

This one uses a two-motor configuration that produces 480 horsepower and 635 lb-ft of torque. The battery packs are ranged from 75-kWh to 98.8-kWh. The AWD system will come as standard and the Star model will offer a smooth ride thanks to an adaptive suspension.

2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV exterior

2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV Price, Release Date

The price of the brand-new 2025 Lincoln Star Electric SUV is not available yet. However, car experts are saying that the base model will cost around $70,000. Lincoln’s famous Black Label trim level will be on offer, and this model will cost significantly more, closer to $100,000. The sales will begin in a two-year time, per the source.

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