Ford F150 Roush is the Truck You Want to Have

Roush Performance is one of many aftermarket companies that will make your Ford look better. The combination of unique parts fans want, but the Blue Oval company is not offering, will cost you around $18,000. The truck keeps standard engines. Roush is not upgrading performance, like the Hennessey Performance is doing. Instead, the Ford F150 Roush will be a unique truck you can see on the streets.

There are packages available for the all-new F150 truck. The company is serious, and you can even find optional upgrades for this edition, such as special audio, premium leather, or black accents. Here is the list of upgrades you are getting.

The standard package includes signature parts, such as high-flow grille lights, fender badges, pedals, revisited dashboard, and floor liners. That is not all, since ROUSH also revisits the suspension and adds a 2.0 Fox system with a performance setup. Even the exhaust system enhances the performance. Unique wheels are there, as well as bumper covers, fender flares, and tailgate lights. The dashboard keeps the serial number. Unique key fobs are added. The ROUSH Graphic Package is standard with a unique bumper, tailgate and door graphics and ROUSH plate. You can also purchase body-color fender flares, performance exhaust, upscale leather upholstery, and a couple of special bundles – Ready Package and Black Graphic Package.

Ford F150 Roush price

Ford F150 Roush – What Experts Think?

The company means business. They are offering upgrades for the all-new F-150. It is not easy to prepare parts for the vehicle so fast. Roush is upgrading only XLT and Lariat models. So, you need to spend extra before opting for the $18,000 upgrade. These additional packages and premium features will make the tuning cost even more. All these upgrades are pros. Fans and expers must love graphics, suspension lift, unique details. What can be better? Well, the performance is the same as for the base truck. That is why the Hennessey jobs draw more attention. But, it is not all about the specs. The company sells nearly a million of F-150 trucks a year. With the Roush package, you won’t mistake yours for some other.

Ford F150 Roush interior

Is There Warranty For the Ford F150 Roush?

When you’re doing aftermarket upgrades, you will lose the warranty. No company tolerates such behavior. But, the Ford F150 Roush has an extra 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. The company tests all the vehicles and components. The warranty brings the peace of mind to buyers. If anything is wrong, you are covered.

The XLT and Lariat models are available for the upgrade. Prices of those packages are $47,000 and $57,000. The Roush package is an $18,500 optional package. Plus, there are optional features and packages that cost more. All in all, if you want a unique build in the sea of F-150 trucks, the Roush is one of the best choices. It won’t enhance the performance to the limits, but it’ll make the ride pretty special. Roush also makes parts for the Super Duty trucks and the iconic Mustang ponycar.


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