We Spotted the Next-Gen 2025 Lincoln Navigator, First Details Unveiled

The fifth generation of the full-size luxury SUV is coming out next season as the 2025 YM. The company is not confirming details yet, but rumors and spy photos are showing the debut is just around the corner. We know a few things about the 2025 Lincoln Navigator. For example, the test mule is using full-width display. Also, some solutions on the dashboard can remind you of the Nautilus crossover. Navigator is just making everything bigger and bolder.

Tail features a more distinctive styling. The bumper, windows, lights and tailpipes are now new. The SUV seems taller thanks to the fresh design of the tailgate. The exhaust system indicates that engineers might work on the new drivetrain. The carmaker downpowered the old configuration from 450 to 440 hp. A more potent powertrain might be added, very likely with a hybrid system. Navigator EV is not ready yet.

The current generation of the SUV is being dropped out after just 7 years. Sales are slowing down, and the main rival, Cadillac Escalade, seems to be winning the battle. Not too many buyers decide to spend more than $90,000 on a new vehicle, so the 2025 Lincoln Navigator needs to offer a fresh design, the latest technologies, and more efficient drivetrains.

2025 Lincoln Navigator spied

2025 Lincoln Navigator Redesign and Spy Photos

When test mules are on the streets the release date is pretty close. That is why we believe the 2025 Lincoln Navigator is coming as the next-gen vehicle. There are also other factors, such as technology improvements and rising competition (Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer). The fresh look is going to be inspired by the small Corsair, or the company is trying to trick rivals. From what we can see, the size of the SUV remains pretty much the same. Ford has plans to build an HD SUV, Excursion. However, it won’t get the luxury version. So, of you need more room inside, the Navigator L is one of the solutions.

Like always, the prototypes are heavily covered with camouflage. We can’t figure out all the details, but hard-core enthusiasts spot the difference between the existing version and the test mule. The front fascia is restyled, with a new grille, bumper and lights. The hood is a bit higher. We can spot more notable changes at the tail. For example, the shapes of the edges are very similar to Nautilus. Liftgate is more aggressive with sloping lines. To complete the redesign, Lincoln brings new exhaust tips.

Updated Interior

The new 2025 Lincoln Navigator is spied only from the outside. We assume, but it is not confirmed, that the SUV is going to use a full-width display. This is another similarity with the Nautilus. However, Navigator is much bigger, so the screen could be wider than 48 inches. The SUV is still a three-row model, but you can increase the comfort and luxury if you cut down one row. This is an option for high-end trim levels. Autonomous drive is also on the way. We’ll see what features Lincoln is offering for its flagship SUV.

2025 Lincoln Navigator interior

New Black Label Packages

One thing is sure – the top of the line trim levels will wear the Black Label badge. This is an exclusive package and the current Navigator had 3 different interior themes. Some of the Black Label bundles are shared between Lincoln SUVs, while every model has a unique layout. The company will update packages. There are Destination, Chalet and Yacht models available for the full-size SUV. The new 2025 Lincoln Navigator Black Label is getting new themes. We couldn’t peek into the test mule to see the interior, and these kinds of things are the last to be done.

2025 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Will Improve Efficiency, Increase Power

Ford and Lincoln started it first. Now all other companies are dropping V8 engines from their big rigs. Turbocharged V6 units can provide the same amount of power and the fuel economy is much better. Some SUVs with V8 plants return 15-16 mpg combined. The 2025 Lincoln Navigator won’t be a budget-saving option, but those numbers will be higher.

new 2025 Lincoln Navigator

A 3.5-liter V6 will be kept. Engineers could return it to the original setup that was producing 450 hp. For the last edition, they tried to make it better by sacrificing 10 horsepower. It didn’t help. Also, a V6 engine was a great hauler and the Navigator had the best towing capacity in the premium SUV segment. Now, Jeep Wagoneer broke 10,000 pounds of hauling potential.

The 2025 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid will debut as well. It is the same system you can find on the F-150 truck. The new configuration is combining a 3.5-liter engine with electric batteries. Total outputs are 430 hp and 570 lb-ft. For the truck, the city gas mileage is at the same level as highway ratings. So, we can expect the same from the Navigator. That should be around 22-23 mpg.

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