2024 Ford Puma Electric Review

The brand-new 2024 Ford Puma Electric is going on sale next year. This model will share a lot of elements with Ford’s e-vans. It will be the brand’s smallest model since Ford Fiesta is no longer in production. The all-electric Puma is just one of the models in Blue Oval’s electrification plan.

This plan also includes two larger SUVs and four new electric vans. Ford will continue to offer gas-powered Puma. However, the Puma EV will be a real deal. It will sit on a new electric platform, and it will share underpinnings with the Ford Transit Courier model.

2024 Ford Puma Electric design

Ford Puma Electric Design and Dimensions

Not so long ago, the Blue Oval carmaker released the first teaser image of the 2024 Ford Puma Electric. Moreover, the first renderings are already available. The all-electric variant will not suffer a complete redesign. After all, Puma is a relatively new crossover. It sports a recognizable and curvy design, with modern headlights and a sloping rear section.

Of course, Ford will provide various tweaks as this is EV. Therefore, expect to see a closed-off grille, improved aero efficiency, new LED daytime running lights, and new bumpers. New Puma will be 165.4 inches long and 70.9 inches wide. The design will be cleaner and Ford will provide new exterior colors as well.

2024 Ford Puma Electric teaser

Driving Range

The upcoming 2024 Ford Puma Electric will probably sit on a new platform. This means the gas-powered Puma will continue with the Global-B platform. Surprisingly, Volkswagen’s MEB architecture will not be in use. Of course, some specifications are still a mystery. However, the new Puma EV will reportedly provide just over 300 miles of driving range.

The base model, on the other hand, will deliver around 280 miles. Right now, Transit Courier and Tourneo Courier vans are using the same platform. Regular Puma Electric will provide the FWD system as standard, while upper trim levels will have a standard AWD setup. Reportedly, this crossover will produce over 200 horsepower and around 200 lb-ft of torque. No words on battery size, unfortunately.

2024 Ford Puma Electric release date

2024 Ford Puma Electric Release Date

The all-new 2024 Ford Puma Electric will be built in Ford’s Craiova plant in Romania. On the other hand, the electric powertrain will be produced in Liverpool. The upcoming Puma EV is just one of the models in Blue Oval’s electrification plan. Ford plans to introduce a new mid-size SUV and a new sporty crossover.

Of course, the price is not available at the moment. However, the price should start at around $40,000 for the all-electric variant. The sales will begin later in 2023. Before that, Ford will deliver all of the important details regarding this small crossover. Right now, we know a couple of additional details, which include the new SYNC4A infotainment system.

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