Possible Comeback of the 2025 Ford Falcon – Company Already Filed for the Trademark

Falcon used to be one of the most popular cars in Australia. Ford produced the full-size sedan for more than 50 years. However, the company turned to new segments and discontinued many cars. Falcon was dropped and replaced with Mustang and Mondeo. These are leftovers from a large lineup of cars the US company was building around the world. The good thing is that Mustang is back in Australia after a long hiatus. However, those are not proper replacements, so the 2025 Ford Falcon might be back.

The reason why fans in Australia are thrilled is a move for the trademark. Ford filed for the name rights in Mexico – just one of many markets where the Falcon was pretty popular. However, Australia was the biggest. The company built more than 3 million units in a 56-year history. There were many derivates and body changes. Now, the 2025 Ford Falcon is about to return as a full-size sedan, the vehicle we remember the most.

The carmaker is also thinking of other cool and popular nameplates from the past. We can also find requests for Adrenaline, Capri, Cortina, Orion or Escort nameplates registration. Well, in the near future, the company is going to launch a lot of electric cars, so these names can succeed their predecessors that used internal combustion engines.

2025 ford falcon comeback

Rumors and Facts

When you file for a trademark, you usually intend to do something with it. As an automotive company, Ford can only build a vehicle and use that name. In very rare occasions, people and companies obtain trademarks so no one else can use some names.

However, this is a big game and it is hard to get into every aspect. The 2025 Ford Falcon might be back in Mexico, where the carmaker filed for trademark registration. The car was available all over the world and in other parts, the new vehicle could be called different. Ford is definitely trying to draw attention with the old nameplate that’s been around for more than 50 years. Also, the vehicle must be back in Australia, where the popularity was at its peak.

The car segment is not an important factor in the automotive world anymore. Ford discontinued all cars in the US, but Mustang. The situation is not brighter in other markets. Fiesta is the latest dropped model in Europe. So, why we believe in the 2025 Ford Falcon return? The only reason is the trademark request. Some fans in Australia would like to see it back. But, when it comes to buying, most will pick more versatile and practical crossovers and SUVs.

ford falcon in 2016
Ford Falcon in 2016

Electric Car

A small hint gives a lot of space for rumors. Although it doesn’t seem certain, we can analyze options for the 2025 Ford Falcon comeback. Since the car segment is dying and buyers are turning to other types of vehicles, it is logical that Ford is redirecting investments into those segments. Crossovers and SUVs are currently dominating the market thanks to the versatility, space, comfort, safety and power they offer. Some of these ride like sedans and sports cars. Trucks still survive only thanks to their towing skills.

Ford did discontinue all the cars from the US market, but some fans believe the company is making room for electric vehicles. The 2025 Ford Falcon might be one of these. However, the carmaker is not unveiling plans for this segment, like Toyota did it. The Japanese company announced a big electrification plan with more than 30 EVs coming out in next few years. We didn’t get the names. Instead, Toyota teased fans with an image of concept vehicles, and there are a lot of cars in the photos. Ford won’t give up its share of the market so easily. If Toyota launches an electric car, there will be a Blue Oval model as well. But, the question is if the Falcon is a nameplate for the US market.

2025 ford falcon return
Ford Falcon through years

Next Steps

First, Ford needs to get a green light for the new trademark. After that, the carmaker can announce their plans with the Falcon. Fans can’t wait to hear them, because there is too many speculations about the vehicle. We’ll also want to see what markets will get the Falcon back and what form it takes.

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