2019 Ford Transit Connect for the First Time in the US as Diesel

The Transit Connect is the smallest van in Ford family. This model was the pioneer, followed by Nissan NV200 and Chevrolet City Express vans. However, the vehicle made by Ford kept the leader position for a long time. Now, when it started to fall, the company prepared a new model – 2019 Ford Transit Connect.

The new vehicle will introduce many changes on its skin. The aesthetic exterior will be more aerodynamic. Also, inside the cabin, buyers will find plenty of new features. The 2019 Ford Transit Connect is modernized and ready to tow. Safety equipment is added. However, the main changes are under the hood. Engineers have prepared two engine options for the upcoming one. If this is not good enough, then choosing between diesel and petrol unit definitely is.

2019 Ford Transit Connect

2019 Ford Transit Connect Dimensions

The upcoming 2019 Ford Transit Connect will keep the same platform. This means no radical changes will happen with the architecture of the van. Expectations are that the vehicle is going to retain dimensions of its predecessor. The new Ford Transit Connect will be 180 inches long and 70 inches wide. There will be again shorter. 168 inches long model, with a 105-inch wheelbase. Extended version’s wheelbase is almost 10 inches longer. With updates of the materials in the body panels, Transit Connect will save some weight. For upper trims, it could drop under 3,500 pounds.

2019 Ford Transit Connect rear

2019 Ford Transit Connect Diesel Specs

For the first time, the van will appear in the US with a diesel engine. The 2019 Ford Transit Connect will use a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder drivetrain. Well, the powertrain recently appeared in European versions of EcoSport SUV. It comes with aluminum block and heads. Furthermore, an intercooler boosts the outputs to 120 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. Nevertheless, the diesel engine should be good for 30 mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city.

Petrol Engine

The second choice for buyers is the gasoline powertrain. Ford will add a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated drivetrain. But, the company didn’t release too many details about it. According to early info, this 4-cylinder unit will be paired with an 8-speed transmission. The same gearbox is transmitting power for the diesel version of 2019 Ford Transit Connect. Also, we know that towing package will be available for the van, which will boost towing capacity to 2,000 pounds.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Gas Mileage

Gasoline unit is not going to be so economical as its diesel alternative. Although the info is not available yet, the 2019 Ford Transit Connect gas mileage won’t be over 24 mpg combined. In future, Ford could add one more powertrain to the van’s lineup. It could be the EcoBlue engine. As the EcoBoost, this unit will get a turbocharger to help it improve hp rating.

2019 Ford Transit Connect grille

2019 Ford Transit Connect Changes and Cargo Space

The new 2019 Ford Transit Connect is the smallest van in the family. However, it is very attractive. Next season, with a facelift, Transit Connect will be even more appealing. Most changes are happening on the front fascia. Inside, the van gets a new dashboard. Whatsoever, owners will be also happy to hear that new layout will provide more cargo space. Finally, as the utility vehicle, extra room in the cargo area is always welcome.

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