2020 Ford Focus Active is Not Coming in the U.S.

One of the models that created a huge buzz in the automotive world is for sure the 2020 Ford Focus Active. It is a crossover based on the fourth-gen Focus. Focus is a very popular model, available in hatchback, wagon, and sedan body styles. Focus Active is a crossover and a very popular model in China.

The crossover is even built in China and Ford had some plans to import the 2020 Focus Active from there. However, Blue Oval announced bad news for the fans and customers and this model won’t arrive in the United States. Due to Trump Administration tariffs on imports, Ford will offer Focus Active elsewhere.

2020 Ford Focus Active Exterior

Exterior Design

Ford’s announcement did throw everything else in the second plan. Whatsoever, the all-new 2020 Ford Focus Active won’t arrive with any significant changes and upgrades. This crossover will be based on the fourth-generation of a smaller Focus hatchback. Focus Active comes with a more rugged appearance thanks to the extra plastic body cladding. The ride is 1.20 inches higher than on the regular car model. It comes with front and rear skid plates and great aerodynamics.

2020 Ford Focus Active Front

Interior Features

The 2020 Ford Focus Active is a very modern crossover, especially from the inside. Besides the great comfort that it offers, this model is well-known for its rich offer of technology features. However, U.S., European and Chinese versions are offering different stuff. The 2020 Focus Active will get small upgrades from the inside and it only includes the updates of current systems.

The Sync3 system will be updated and the crossover will offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard. Safety rating will be even better now, thanks to cruise control, front collision warning, and active park assist systems.

2020 Ford Focus Active Interior

2020 Ford Focus Active Engine Specs

This crossover will for sure offer an EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. The choice is between the 1.0-liter and 1.5-liter units. Of course, a 1.5-liter engine comes with greater chance to find its place under the hood of the 2020 Ford Focus Active crossover. The drivetrain will produce probably over 150 horsepower and it will arrive with 8-speed automatic transmission. Since this model won’t be available in the United States, diesel variant is less likely.

U.S. Focus Active is Not Happening

Blue Oval carmaker planned to import the 2020 Ford Focus Active from China, where this model is built. However, after Donald Trump announced higher administration tariffs on China imports, everything seems to be falling apart. Ford feels that bringing Focus Active on the American soil won’t be profitable at all. Interestingly, Trump said that Ford can now build this model in the United States and pay no tariffs. Ford quickly responded on Twitter by saying there won’t be U.S. model as they expect less than 50,000 sales.

2020 Ford Focus Active Price and Release Date

The forthcoming crossover will arrive in China and Europe later this year. Most of the customers are still hoping the 2020 Ford Focus Active will arrive in the United States, but that is very unlikely to happen. We won’t rule out the possibility for this model to arrive on the American soil as the 2021 model.

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