2024 Ford Thunderbird Comes Back as an EV

Ford is giving up on cars to make more space for more profitable classes, such as crossovers and SUVs. Also, the company’s R&D department is currently focused on electric drivetrains. Still, we can find rumors about the 2024 Ford Thunderbird and its return. It is not the first time fans want the comeback. So far, there are no indications from the company that something like this is going to happen.

Convertible roadsters are a rarity nowadays. You won’t find as many of these vehicles as before. But, every now and then, some throwback flashes with the announcement of a new vehicle. Toyota is still involved in all segments, but even the Japanese company is not offering such a vehicle. Mazda is still out there with the legendary Miata. Besides this small funky car, you can also find a few German premium brands and their products – BMW Z4, Audi TT, or Porsche Boxster. With all this in mind, it is hard to believe that Ford will risk with the comeback of the Thunderbird.

2024 Ford Thunderbird concept

2024 Ford Thunderbird EV

Ford is dominating the US market in every way. They sell the most vehicles, the carmaker is involved in many segments, and there are a lot of innovations coming from the Blue Oval brand. But, there is a realm where the manufacturer is not #1. Tesla is leading the way in the EV segment. However, Ford is not giving up and the Thunderbird could be the ace up the sleeve.

When Elon Musk promises something, his company delivers it. We saw it with all the products, including pickup truck. But, there is one unfinished project – a roadster. The 2024 Ford Thunderbird EV could hijack the advantage over the competitors in this class. The Blue Oval spokesmen are still quiet about it. That doesn’t mean there are no works or plans.

2024 Ford Thunderbird

Short History: The Comeback of the Classic Roadster

The Thunderbird was the roadster only in its final generation. The company launched it in 2002, after a 5-year break. However, radical changes didn’t help and the car was dropped after the 2005 season. Before that, we saw the transformation from a classic two-seater with a convertible top. The third generation from 1961 started using a different approach. The Thunderbird is now bullet-like. In 1966 the fifth generation was in production. At that time, Mustang was taking over the market, and the Thunderbird needed another switch. The main change was the ladder frame replacing a unibody architecture.

The sixth-gen car brought a fresh styling and the next series of the vehicle was only smaller. The decline was obvious and the company tried to save the lineup. The Thunderbird became smaller and more efficient. The 1983 edition brought the most aesthetic look until then. It lasted for 5 seasons. Another dose of changes were introduced in 1988. The tenth generation was discontinued after 10 years in the market in 1997. A five-year hiatus followed, just to see the final try of reviving the nameplate. The Thunderbird roadster was not accepted well and the car is out of the market since 2005.

2024 Ford Thunderbird release date

Old Rumors

A few years ago, many magazines had expert analyses about the Thunderbird comeback. They saw it as a rival to the Chevy Camaro. But, with the discontinuation of the iconic vehicle after 2024 MY, these reports can be dropped into the water. However, a new wave of speculations appears, with the 2024 Ford Thunderbird as an electric vehicle. We already analyzed this option and it seems legit. But, a couple of years ago, a Camaro rival was also a cool idea. We need to wait and see what the bosses of the Blue Oval company have to say.

2024 Ford Thunderbird Release Date

With the 2023 season expiring and no safe facts about the 2024 Ford Thunderbird showing up, we have a feeling that the time is running out for the next season’s comeback. But, as an EV, it has time. The new Thunderbird will be the only car in the US lineup besides the Mustang. Ford dropped all other sedans and hatchbacks. They even stopped the production of premium Lincoln cars.

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