Redesigned 2020 Ford Focus Sedan

The forthcoming 2020 Ford Focus Sedan will see its global launch later this year. This sedan comes with a redesign, more safety features, and two new drivetrains. The 2020 Focus Sedan will welcome plenty of updates, especially from the outside.

However, even the interior will get more comfort and modernization. This model acts sporty on the road, however, transmission could still be an issue. Now, next to new engines a new transmission will be available.  Furthermore, the interior will offer more rear legroom and some new high-tech amenities.

2020 Ford Focus Sedan exterior

2020 Ford Focus Sedan Exterior Redesign

As we mentioned, the 2020 Ford Focus Sedan will get a total redesign. The new body will look sharper and more aggressive. Bulging fenders are easy to spot, along with the sloping roofline. According to latest rumors, Focus will arrive in both four-door sedan and five-door hatchback body configurations. Some markets will get a wagon version. While the dimensions are intact, wheelbase is now 2 inches longer. Besides those changes, we can expect more changes up front, mostly on the grille and headlights.

2020 Ford Focus Sedan design

Better Interior Room

Interior will get plenty of updates. For the start, the 2020 Ford Focus Sedan comes with the new infotainment screen that sits higher on the dash now. The standard unit is 6.5 inches while the 8-inch touchscreen is optional. Moreover, this system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. New Focus will act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and the customers can remotely lock and unlock the car.

Even the remote-start system is in the offer. According to Blue Oval, the center console will be narrower now. Some buttons and switches are relocated so Focus Sedan offers a different control layout. New rotary shift dial is available, similar to the one in Expedition SUV. Thanks to a longer wheelbase, rear occupants will now enjoy in more legroom than before.

2020 Ford Focus Sedan interior

New Engine

The details about the U.S. model are not available yet. However, the global 2020 Ford Focus Sedan will get two new engines. Both units are 1.5-liter EcoBoost. The first new engine is three-cylinder and the second is four-cylinder. Some rumors are saying that at least one of those two units will be available on the U.S. market.

Maybe even more importantly, an all-new 8-speed gearbox is available. This comes as great news as the previous 6-speed transmission was awful. Blue Oval claims the overall ride quality will be significantly improved. However, Ford still refuses to reveal the new engine’s specs. How the things now stand, all-electric Focus Sedan won’t arrive in 2020.

2020 Ford Focus Sedan Price and Release Date

New changes will raise the current price, but not significantly. The 2020 Ford Focus Sedan will cost slightly above $20,000. Hatchback model will cost slightly higher and Ford is yet to release official trim levels and special high-performance variants. This model will arrive this summer and will compete with Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze and Mazda3.

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