2020 Ford Focus ST New Engine for New Generation

After the Focus hatchback hit the new generation, the new ST version is in development. It will be available already next year as the 2020 season model. Spy photos are confirming that the vehicle is on the way. However, it is still early to talk about final features and production model of 2020 Ford Focus ST.

Nevertheless, it is never too early for predictions what a car could bring. At the first place for this kind of vehicle, there is an engine. According to first info, the 2020 Ford Focus ST will get a 2.3-liter unit. There are also some suggestions telling that other engines are in the mix as well. Finally, the styling of the ST model is always innovative and brings unique tweaks. Spied vehicle is not showing too much of these features.

2020 Ford Focus ST exterior

2020 Ford Focus ST New Generation

In 2015 we saw big changes on the ST performance car. Since the base Focus entered the new generation last year, it is time for new look and update. Probably the major change will be a switch from the existing drivetrain to the new. It is a topic of discussion among fans. Nevertheless, it still remains for us to see many details.

2020 Ford Focus ST side front

2020 Ford Focus ST Release Date and Price

The 2020 Ford Focus ST will come out late in 2019, that is for sure. Until then, the company is going to improve it as much as it can. While we are waiting for further information, we can speculate about the price of 2020 Focus ST. As the predecessors, it will cost around $25,000. This is a price sticker for the last few editions and we doubt Ford will make some changes here.

2020 Ford Focus ST Engine

As said, the major change is happening under the hood. The last ST model carried a 2.0-liter turbo unit. It was capable to deliver 250 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. However, the drivetrain is now in the books.

Instead, the 2020 Ford Focus ST is going to get a boost from the new 2.3-liter EcoBoost unit. The same unit is under the bonnet of the base models of Mustang. It will also get a turbocharger for a new generation of Focus ST. So, we can expect the engine to deliver over 300 horses.

The other solution is a 1.6-liter turbo-four. The same engine is used by its sibling, Ford Fiesta ST. Nevertheless, with just 200 hp, it is not likely for Focus to downgrade its performance-oriented version. However, where is fire, there is smoke, although we wouldn’t like to see a smaller drivetrain in 2020 Ford Focus ST.

2020 Ford Focus ST spyshot

Spy Shots and Redesign

Ford is confirming that 2020 Ford Focus ST is going to be lighter than its predecessor. Thanks to more usage of aluminum in body panels, the car will lose almost 200 pounds. It could give benefits to many other segments, including fuel economy and agility.

Spy photos are not saying too much. In the matter of a fact it seems like the new 2020 Ford Focus ST is being tested in an old shell. So, details of the redesign won’t be available before the next year.

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