2021 Ford Ranger ST will arrive by the end of 2020

The famous ST variant is returning. Ford Ranger is available in numerous body styles, trim levels, and special versions. The 2021 Ford Ranger ST is another much-anticipated thing in the automotive world. This pickup truck is available across the whole globe and it delivers super performances. Ranger ST should represent a sportier, performance-oriented model.

Just like the Ford Edge ST, Ranger ST will get more similar features and amenities. That even includes the interior upgrades. Of course, the main focus is on what’s under the hood and the exterior design. Besides that, Ford Ranger Raptor should arrive before the ST variant. Blue Oval carmaker has no time to spare so the famous F-150 Lightning could hit the markets and make a comeback anytime soon.

2021 Ford Ranger ST badge

Exterior and Interior Specs

Perhaps the 2021 Ford Ranger ST is too far to even discuss the exterior design. But let’s try it. Blue Oval often deploys the iconic ST variant. Some of the company’s models are already available. That includes Fiesta ST, Edge ST, and Focus ST. For that reason, we already know how the usual Ford’s ST versions are looking like.

Premium exterior paints, more sportiness, and aggressiveness are always present. Even more upscale features are in the offer, both in and out. The shell of the regular Ranger will remain it will just be upgraded.  Special leather seats will be standard and you can expect plenty of ST badges around the whole vehicle. More chrome materials, contrast stitching and sportier steering wheel are a must.

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor Exterior
Ford Ranger Raptor on the picture


The biggest mystery will be under the hood. We still don’t know which engine will power the upcoming 2021 Ford Ranger ST. There are so many potential options. The Edge ST rides on a 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost. And while the base model was producing 250 horses, the Edge ST get a hefty 335 hp. Of course, Ranger ST will be on a hot mid-size pickup truck, no doubt about it. This sportier version could get a smaller 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost powertrain.

Even if Ford tweaks things a little bit, this unit will produce below 300 horsepower. That leads us to a larger drivetrain. The 2.7-liter will be the most likely outcome. This engine will arrive with the 10-speed automatic transmission and it will deliver slightly over 350 horses. That sounds just about right.

2019 Ford Ranger engine

Ford’s Future is Bright

Ford has some big plans for the future. We can expect a lot from the Blue Oval in the coming years, in literally all of the segments. Ford is planning to deliver plug-in hybrid variants to most of its models. New Bronco is almost ready to hit the markets and now the Ranger will get an ST version. Moreover, Ranger will arrive with Raptor variant as well. Ranger Raptor will arrive in 2020 as a taller and wider pickup. It offers a diesel engine already in Asia. The V6 powertrain that will arrive in the U.S. will produce 325 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque.

Ford will soon introduce the F-150 Lightning model. A high-performance variant of the iconic pickup truck will generate 650 horsepower thanks to its 5.0-liter V8. With the latest news, we can see the Blue Oval is expanding all of the segments. For sure, some cars will finish with the production, but the SUV models are dominating at the moment. Now, even the pickup trucks such as Ranger and F-150 are getting more and more special versions.

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