2022 Ford Courier is Blue Oval’s Newest Compact Pickup

The upcoming 2022 Ford Courier will become the Blue Oval’s newest pickup truck. It will be a compact pickup, based on the Courier car. Courier will ride on a unibody construction and it will look rugged. New Courier will slot below Ranger pickup which is a mid-size model.

Moreover, the discount of Fiesta and Focus models are perfect for the Courier pickup. This model should fill those two gaps with its smaller dimensions. The Courier could arrive under a different name and we will write about possibilities right away.

2022 Ford Courier design

Is “Courier” the Right Name?

The all-new 2022 Ford Courier could arrive under a different name. It is still not clear how a new model will be named but we have three possible outcomes. The first one is Courier, named after a company’s car that lasted from 1950 to 2010. The second possible outcome is the “Ranchero” nameplate. We’ve already wrote about a possible return of the iconic Ranchero model and this could be it. Ranchero was a pickup that Ford produced a decades ago.

Naming a new model after legendary models that are not available anymore is a very popular move nowadays. Lastly, Ford could name its pickup Bronco. Yes, Blue Oval has a plan to create a “Bronco Family” that consists of SUVs and pickup trucks. Of course, the Blue Oval will add some kind of suffix next to the Bronco name.

2022 Ford Courier rendered

2022 Ford Courier Unibody Platform, Design

In terms of design, a new 2022 Ford Courier will look both modern and rugged at the same time. Courier is a compact pickup truck that will arrive with a unibody structure. Most likely, most of the styling cues will be the same as on the Ford Ranger pickup. Moreover, some exterior bits should be taken from the brand-new Bronco SUV. The result is a boxy pickup with the blocky front part and aggressive design. On top of that, Ford will deliver beefier wheel arches and a beautiful truck-like bed.

The tailgate trim panel is available as well, which is great. The way the cab flows back into the bed is a classic car-like styling cue. That clearly suggests a car-based pickup. Courier will ride on a C2 platform that underpins models such as Escape/Kuga, Lincoln Corsair, and Bronco Sport variant. That also means the Courier will offer a standard front-wheel-drive setup.

Courier Will Offer the Same Engine Lineup as Bronco Sport

The forthcoming 2022 Ford Courier will arrive with the same engine lineup as the brand-new Bronco Sport SUV. Ford’s leaked document is confirming these stories. Thanks to that, Courier will arrive with a standard 1.5-liter and optional 2.0-liter engines. The standard engine is a three-cylinder gasoline unit with 180 horsepower.

As for the optional turbo-four gasoline, it will generate around 250 hp. Both engines will use the same eight-speed automatic transmission. A similar engine setup can be found in the current Escape crossover. On the other hand, Courier should arrive with slightly more power than the Escape model.

2022 Ford Courier engine

2022 Ford Courier Release Date and Price

The production of the new 2022 Ford Courier will begin in Mexico. The same plant will produce Bronc Sport SUV as well. The sales will start at some point in 2021 and Ford will sell Courier pickup in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. As for the price, compact pickup should cost below $30,000.

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