2022 Ford GT – The Best and the Last GT

The upcoming 2022 Ford GT could be the last model before the production ends. Ford already unveiled a lot of surprises, which is very uncommon. The limited-production model that won’t be produced anymore will introduce significant upgrades. That is something you won’t see every day. According to various reliable reports, this muscle car will get all sorts of improvements.

That includes numerous styling changes, interior updates, and even some mechanical upgrades. Thanks to that, the last Ford GT will be the most powerful and most modern version so far. The sales will begin at some point this year, and here’s everything we know.

Ford GT Changes

From what we know, the 2022 Ford GT will gain a lot of upgrades. For a start, reports are suggesting improved aerodynamics, re-tuned suspension, and more power. That means we should expect numerous design and mechanical changes. Blue Oval already did a similar thing with the GT Liquid Carbon variant. Ford said the GT model would “up the game,” so we are dealing with some official info.

2022 Ford GT price

Interior Updates

As for the interior updates, we expect a couple of exciting refreshments. First of all, the cabin design and its layout won’t change at all. However, the 2022 Ford GT will gain more tech and new driver-assistance aids. The interior remains minimalistic and extremely sporty.

A new infotainment system will become available, but a 6.5-inch touchscreen is once again in the offer. It is a big shame, as the $500,000 muscle car offers such a small display. On the other hand, the steering wheel, pedals, and gauge cluster are looking astonishing.

2022 Ford GT interior

Engine Specs

Under the hood, a new 2022 Ford GT will get some sort of improvement. However, we don’t know what Ford plans to do with the V6 engine. As you know, supercharged V8 is no longer available. The GT model uses a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine that cranks out 660 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. This potent unit comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Acceleration is astonishing, but Blue Oval promised even better results in the future.

We expect slightly more horsepower, but new specs will be far from Mustang Shelby GT500 specs, and its 760 hp. However, Blue Oval did promise a hotter version, so GT will gain re-tuned suspension. The ride quality will be better, and the handling will remain as impressive as ever before. On top of that, a new titanium exhaust system, larger intercoolers and improved aerodynamics will improve the vehicle’s performances.

2022 Ford GT top speed

2022 Ford GT Price and Release Date

The price is not official yet, but we expect for 2022 Ford GT to once again cost around $500,000. This limited-production muscle car is facing the last year of production. As we already said, Ford’s decision to deliver significant changes is very unusual.

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