2023 Ford Atlas Could Arrive as a Special Edition

The Atlas concept debuted in 2013 as a teaser of the next-generation Ford F-150 truck. So, the iconic pickup integrated some of the ideas we saw on the new platform. However, we are still waiting for the concept’s manufacturing form. Everyone expects it to be a part of the F-150 lineup. The 2023 Ford Atlas could be released as a special edition of the truck next year. The base truck had a significant facelift for the 2019 model year, so the Atlas might be a throwback for the American automaker.

The body architecture of the Ford Atlas will be its defining feature. It will, however, be the same as its F-150 sibling. However, the specifications sheet will reveal that there is much more to the exterior design. The body panels and pieces will be made of a variety of lightweight materials. As a result, the Atlas truck will be significantly lighter than the F-150. The performance will be different as well, but the truck’s acceleration, top speed, and towing capacity should be the same. Few additional changes will set the Atlas apart from the F-150, both in and out. The truck will utilize existing drivetrains and will not introduce novelty under the hood.

Ford Atlas Exterior Design

New 2023 Ford Atlas will have to depart from the original idea in terms of styling. This concept has been introduced almost a decade ago. Thanks to that, Atlas will feature a more F-150-like design. As a result, the Ford Atlas will receive a new shape with beautiful body lines. The front fascia will not change that much, but the rest of the exterior will have to. As we said, dimensions will be different and Atlas will be larger than the current F-150 pickup truck.

2023 Ford Atlas price

Interior Features

Back in the day, the Atlas concept looked futuristic and innovative. However, the 2023 Ford Atlas has to be updated in order to stay competitive. Thanks to that, this model will use all of the latest features and equipment to attract attention. For a start, Atlas will offer an impressive list of safety features. Some of the characteristics shown on the Atlas concept were used in the new F-150. We expect more innovation from Blue Oval, especially with GM and Ram introducing a lot of new things. The Ford will most likely reply, and these advances will be showcased in the new Atlas.

2023 Ford Atlas interior

Engine Possibilities

As previously stated, the 2023 Ford Atlas will use one of the F-150’s existing drivetrains. The range, on the other hand, is quite broad. The pickup is available with either a V6 or a V8 engine. Atlas won’t feature a 5.0-liter engine, as many rumors predicted. The new model will seek a more compact and efficient displacement. However, we are not excluding the possibility of the V8 unit.

The basic engine will most likely be a 3.3-liter V6. This is most likely the greatest option for a buyer. It is not the best towing engine, but it does not burn excessive amounts of fuel. A V6 engine is efficient and long-lasting, producing 290 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. However, don’t expect any dramatic improvements (unless we see a hybrid setup). Another intriguing engine is a turbo-six. A 2.7-liter engine can produce 325 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. Most likely, the Atlas model will also feature a diesel powertrain as an option.

2023 Ford Atlas release date

2023 Ford Atlas Release Date, Price

The upcoming 2023 Ford Atlas will most likely arrive as a special edition of the famous F-150 pickup truck. It will not be a new and distinct moniker in Ford’s truck portfolio. It will, however, grab attention as a limited edition. However, it will also be determined by the cost. With all of the additional features for the Atlas, we can’t expect it to be cheap. According to experts, it will cost roughly the same as the Raptor model, which is around $50,000.

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