Ford to kill Fiesta and Taurus models

The 2019 Fiesta and 2019 Taurus could be one of the last editions of these vehicles. All segments are affected with growth of the crossover class. So, sedans, hatchbacks, roadsters, are achieving worse selling results than before. Carmakers could take any critic, but less sales means less profit. That is …

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2019 Ford Fiesta ST – The Best Fiesta Ever

2019 Ford Fiesta ST exterior

Before we mention that Ford is planning to discontinue Fiesta, the car will have one more run. Furthermore, the next season will be decisive about the future of this model. So, all cards are there. Interesting offer, reliable engines, plenty of trim levels… and atop of everything, the 2019 Ford …

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2019 Ford Fiesta Finally Gets RS Version

2019 Ford Fiesta ST

The 2019 Ford Fiesta is going to be one of the most exciting subcompact cars in next season. After a year of pause, it comes back to the US market with bots RS and ST versions. Originally the hatchback, Fiesta could appear with sedan body style. Furthermore, the new model …

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