Ford to kill Fiesta and Taurus models

The 2019 Fiesta and 2019 Taurus could be one of the last editions of these vehicles. All segments are affected with growth of the crossover class. So, sedans, hatchbacks, roadsters, are achieving worse selling results than before. Carmakers could take any critic, but less sales means less profit. That is the only measure of popularity and validity of some model, including Fiesta and Taurus.

Both vehicles will have editions for next season. Fiesta is much more popular, so Ford is not giving up so easily. Rumors about additional versions could settle things up. On the other hand, Taurus has no such bright future. The car has to perform as it never did to survive. So, we will monitor carefully what is happening with 2019 Taurus and 2019 Fiesta.

2019 Ford Fiesta Changes

The 2019 Ford Fiesta is coming strong into next season. Updates on the base model are just the overture of what we can expect. First of all, the hatchback will have an ST version as the most exciting trim level. Packed with unique equipment, the 2019 Fiesta will draw attention. If anyone remain apathetic, there is a performance-oriented RS model. That is totally different version, with specific equipment and body parts. Finally, even this car could get a hybrid version. So, the company is doing everything to keep Fiesta alive.

2019 Ford Fiesta front

Update of 2019 Ford Taurus

The same recipe is going to be used for 2019 Ford Taurus. One of surprises for next season will be SHO version. However, the base model also suffers modest changes to refresh its appearance and interior.

Sedans are not so popular anymore, so it is harder to maintain selling records. For example, in the first half of 2000’s Ford were selling over 300,000 units of Taurus. However, numbers rapidly started to drop, and after only 70,000 vehicles sold in 2007 Ford decides to discontinue sedan. But, only a year later, they would eventually bring it back, but sales never went over 100,000 annually. Since 2015, no more than 40,000 units were sold, so the big treatment is needed to revive this nameplate.

Will the SHO model manage to deliver it, we will see next season.

2019 Ford Taurus front side

Not Only Ford is Struggling

Ford is a leader in many segments, and such selling drop is a defeat for the entire company. They will do all in their power to stop the decline. But, it is a trend in the whole industry. Chevrolet already announced that subcompact hatchback Sonic saw its last edition. Symptoms are same – slow selling and the popularity of SUV class. Other GM names has the same problems. Dodge will cut Dart and Chrysler is discontinuing Chrysler 200. Not even Chrysler 300 is safe anymore. Chevy Impala is also on this list, while the biggest surprise is Honda Accord.

What if Fiesta and Taurus Revive in 2019?

We doubt that any selling numbers will change things up. Ford invested a lot into development of RS Fiesta. It can’t happen so often. So, even if hatchback and sedan show signs of recovery, it is not going to last for too long. Crossover segment is growing too fast, and until it changes, all other classes will have to suffer.

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