2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi are Not Discontinued Yet!

The 2019 Ford C-Max hybrid is coming with more range than before. This multi-purpose vehicle was changed a lot during history, but now it found its purpose in this segment. Ford is working on creating the most efficient car out in the market, and C-Max could be the one. Whatsoever, next season we will see a versatile vehicle with Grand C-Max model, and interesting additions to existing C-Max SE and Titanium trim levels.

Initially launched as the variation of better-known Focus hatchback, the C-Max later became separate lineup. Now, it is a hybrid, mostly sold in the US. However, the MPV is more and more popular in other countries too, especially European. Buyers in this part of the world are becoming greener. There is a plan in France to remove all vehicles with the conventional engine by 2040. At this moment, it would seem to be a far-fetched dream, but in 20 years, who knows?

2019 Ford C-Max front side

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Models

There are two variations of the 2019 Ford C-Max. A Hybrid is an older sibling. However, a month after its premiere, Ford launched a plug-in variation, C-Max Hybrid. Both of these are coming again next year. Also, a combination of the conventional petrol engine and electric motor will make the MPV greener and fuel-friendly.

There is also a brand new platform which could be presented next year. It is Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept that uses panels to supply the drivetrain with power. The company presented it earlier, but there is no further info about the release date or specs. the company aims at least 100 MPGe of PHEV mileage. The range is still unknown. Well, the vehicle is going to be able to recharge in the move, so everything is new and unpredictable here. With such ability, the Solar Energi version of Ford C-Max 2019 will depend on many factors. First of all, sun lights that are converted into the power, and then also the road conditions. All in all, we can’t tell too much before the model is officially out.

2019 Ford C-Max hybrid back

Hybrid Specs

Under the hood of the 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It is mated to an electric battery. The combination is capable to create 188 hp and 130 pound-feet of torque. The power goes through a CVT transmission.

2019 Ford C-Max hybrid back

2019 Ford C-Max Energi Range

What are differences between Hybrid and Energi plug-in models? First of all, Energi will get the larger electric unit, which will be capable to run 19 miles on its own power. Also, the standard hybrid doesn’t need to be plugged in as it works independently. Quick charging system refills battery in 2.5 hours. Plugged into a standard outlet, Energi needs 7 hours to recharge. The total range of the 2019 Ford C-Max Energi is 600 miles using both petrol engine and electric battery.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max

Next year we will see again extended version of the 2019 Ford C-Max. This MPV will be ready to take up to seven passengers. The 2019 Ford Grand C-Max is using a 1.0-liter unit that creates 99 hp. This one is pretty slow since it sprints to 60 mph in more than 13 seconds. A stronger version is a diesel. In the matter of fact, Grand C-Max is offering two powertrains using this fuel. Smaller is a 1.5-liter TDCi with 120 horses. At the top of the lineup is a 2.0-l TDCi that creates 150 hp.

2019 Ford C-Max Trim Levels and Interior Accessories

There are only two trim levels for each Hybrid and Energi models. The 2019 Ford C-Max SE is an entry-level vehicle. Energi adds the option to plug-in the engine. That will cost buyers around $3,000. Also, more equipped 2019 C-Max Platinum costs nearly the same as Energi SE.

Mileage for a hybrid is estimated around 42 mpg in city and 38 mpg on the highway. Energi has 104 MPGe rating in urban areas. Both Titanium trim levels are equipped with the same features. In the cabin of this 2019 C-Max trim, buyers will find a premium audio system, SYNC3 infotainment, and heated leather seats.

Ford C-Max 2019 Solar Energi Concept Price

While the standard and hybrid vehicles are going to modify its price, the Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept will raise it pretty high. This is the new features, and Ford knows to charge it. For example, we can take Focus EV. As the first electric vehicle, its price is over $5,000 more than for the competition. We expect nothing less from Ford C-Max 2019 and its Solar Energi Concept when it hits dealerships.

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