2019 Ford Focus ST a Cheaper Version of RS

Ford Focus has two performance-oriented versions that will come in 2019. Besides the RS, attention will be on the ST model. Specs and release date of the upcoming vehicle is already mentioned in rumors. According to these stories, 2019 Ford Focus ST will accelerate faster 0-60 mph with automatic transmission. Reliability of the car was never in doubt, but the diesel engine is. This fuel type is not going to be part of the lineup for 2019 Focus ST.

What should we expect from this hatchback? As always, huge modifications inside and outside. When we say inside, we don’t mean on the interior only. Under the bonnet, the 2019 Ford Focus ST is getting much more powerful unit than the standard vehicle. Exterior upgrades are making the hatch aggressive and eye-catching.

2019 Ford Focus ST showroom

2019 Ford Focus ST vs Focus RS – Differences

Not all fans can make a difference between ST and RS version of Ford Focus. Well, true enthusiasts know which model is on a street at the first sight. The front fascia has variations. Also, the air dam is the first thing that can uncover if we see 2019 Ford Focus ST or Focus RS. Inside, two versions are pretty much the same, with RS having Recaro seats.

When we sit inside each of them, we will notice a difference in power and drive mechanics. Less potent Ford Focus ST has better tuning of suspension and braking. Also, handling is much easier than for its sibling. We can also call them rivals. On the other hand, Ford Focus RS comes with larger engine and 100 hp more. But, its ride is firm. This is the main disadvantage over ST.

2019 Ford Focus ST Specs

The 2019 Ford Focus ST is going to use the same 2.0-liter turbo-four unit capable to deliver 250 hp and 270 pound-feet of torque. Front-wheel drive is standard. The router for energy created in the mill is a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The new Ford Focus ST sprints 0-60 mph in just 6 seconds.

2019 Ford Focus ST engine


Ford is going to disappoint again fans of diesel vehicles. The company is not bringing this type of drivetrain on the US market for Focus ST. The last time we saw it was in 2015, but again, on other markets. After the VW scandal, we are sure that the 2019 Ford Focus ST fuel type remains petrol. Whatsoever, experts believe fans won’t see a diesel unit in the hatchback anytime soon.

2019 Ford Focus ST exterior

2019 Ford Focus ST MPG

The mileage is not going to be an advantage of the 2019 Ford Focus ST. The price of extra power compared to the base unit is paid through MPG rating. It cuts about 10 miles from the standard 40 mpg rating on the highway. The similar result we will get in city ride, with ST running 21 mpg compared to 31 mpg on the regular Focus.

2019 Ford Focus ST Price

All these additions will make the 2019 Ford Focus ST cost more than any other trim level of the standard hatchback. While the cheapest offer stands under $20,000, the ST will cost at least $25k. However, it is not the most expensive Ford Focus we can find. The all-electric unit is over $30,000 and the RS goes above $40,000.

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