2021 Ford Crown Victoria: What and When to Expect?

Imagine waiting for Antonio Brown to sign for one of the NFL teams, and your fantasy team is desperate. That’s how many fans feel about the Crown Vic. However, reliable reports are suggesting the comeback for 2021 Ford Crown Victoria. Not so long ago, Vic was the American model and a true police car. Rumors started once again, and we have new and exciting rendering photos.

Let’s face it. This is unlikely to happen. But for some reason, some reports are convinced that the comeback is about to happen. For now, let’s just dream about this iconic model. On top of that, let’s try to imagine how the all-new model could look. We hope the renderings will help for a little.

2021 Ford Crown Victoria styling

Rendering Photos

The renderings of the all-new 2021 Ford Crown Victoria are available. For a start, it is a massive departure from the previous model. We know that it looks very futuristic and unreal, but it looks cool. Design is finished in a three-box shape, and the lower front fascia is very unique. Headlights are finished in a different shape, but it certainly looks attractive.

Now look at the A-pillar that looks so rakish, and the flat roof is coupe-inspired. Rear pillar looks thicker, and the rear windows are perhaps too small. This problem can be solved with rear-mounted cameras. The back end looks sculpted, and the LED taillights are looking very simple. Still, the overall result is a sporty car with a very athletic stance. It does look good, right?

2021 Ford Crown Victoria rendering

Interior Will Look Very Modern and Upscale

The previous second-gen model came with such gorgeous interior design. Now, the 2021 Ford Crown Victoria will be the third-gen model, and we expect a complete interior overhaul. We just hope for the 2021 model to at least borrow some cues from the previous generation. Overall, premium interior and incredible design are what we all expect.

The latest reports are suggesting new and more straightforward interior layout. Blue Oval will deliver a similar cabin that you can find in the latest company’s crossovers. Comfort is guaranteed, and Ford will surely add a couple of trim levels. Still, exact details are not available. The only sure thing is a two-row seating layout and a room for five passengers.

Possible Engine Options?

This is a severe category to discuss. The previous model came with only one engine option. Now, Blue Oval has its EcoBoost technology and a couple of incredible engine options. The 2021 Ford Crown Victoria could benefit from most of Ford’s engines. Some speculations are predicting larger V8 units. That seems unlikely, and Blue Oval will most likely opt for the smaller and efficient output. Furthermore, the turbocharged engine should be reserved for upper trim levels or a special version of Crown Vic.

For now, a 2.0-liter EcoBoost that delivers 240 horsepower is the most likely candidate. After all, there is no way Ford will develop an all-new powertrain. The mentioned EcoBoost is using an 8-speed automatic transmission. On top of that, a new platform is based on the front-wheel-drive system.

2021 Ford Crown Victoria engine

2021 Ford Crown Victoria Price and Release Date

Once again, the forthcoming 2021 Ford Crown Victoria will arrive in the sedan variant. If this happens, a new model will cost slightly above $30,000. Still, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation. On top of that, info about trim levels and other vehicle’s specs are still not available. New Crown Vic will hit the dealerships later in 2020.

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