2021 Ford Explorer Sport Appearance Package is Back

If you find Explorer ST version too expensive, Blue Oval manufacturer have good news for you. The 2021 Ford Explorer Sport is back. To be more precise, this isn’t a trim level, but an optional package. The Sport Appearance Package is making a huge comeback, and as the name implies, it will add a true sporty vibe.

The package will be available in XLT trim level exclusively. That isn’t such great news, but it is better than nothing. If you buy it, you’ll get numerous visual upgrades, mostly on the outside. However, the interior will also gain a couple of sporty touches. Performance-vise, nothing will change.

2021 Ford Explorer Sport exterior

2021 Explorer Sport Gets Perfect Design

As we said, the 2021 Ford Explorer Sport is back. This SUV will arrive as an optional package and not an actual trim level of a special version. Unfortunately, only the XLT trim level can have it. Ford will deliver a lot of improvements to its full-size SUV. For a start, the best part is a new set of 20-inch wheels finished in carbon gray color.

The grille, hood lettering, and skid plates are also featuring the same treatment as the wheels. The rear part will get a dual-exhaust treatment with chrome tips. Blue Oval will also lower the ride height, and it will additionally improve aerodynamics. Overall, if you want a sporty-looking Explorer SUV, you don’t have to buy the ST variant anymore.

2021 Ford Explorer Sport exhaust

Interior Upgrades

The sporty vibe carries into the cabin as well. The 2021 Ford Explorer Sport will get various upgrades, just like the exterior. For a start, a two-tone upholstery is available. Moreover, the same upholstery is finished in Ford’s ActiveX material.

It is partial leather upholstery, and it provides better comfort than the basic cloth seats. Expect to see plenty of contrast stitching in combination with black-and-gray interior’s appearance. Finally, Blue Oval will provide the newest satin silver accents around the dash and door panels.

2021 Ford Explorer Sport interior

Available on XLT Trim Level

The approaching 2021 Ford Explorer Sport will represent a huge refreshment in the full-size SUV segment. You can’t find many sporty SUVs on the market nowadays. Explorer ST is an exclusive version. However, it may be too expensive for most of the customers. That’s why the Sport Appearance Package is back.

Interestingly, Ford will make it available on XLT trim level exclusively. This is an excellent way to buy an affordable version of a sporty SUV. On the other hand, many fans will be disappointed as they can’t combine this package with more luxury. You may like it or not, but entry-level Explorer will surely gain more sales now.

2021 Ford Explorer Sport Price and Release Date

The price of the new-gen Explorer will start at around $35,000. That means the 2021 Ford Explorer Sport will cost a couple of thousands more, probably about $37,000. To compare, Explorer ST will cost up to $60,000. Ford will launch its new full-size Explorer SUV in the second half of 2020.

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