2023 Ford Capri – Everything You Need to Know

The market in the United States is packed with crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Still, regular cars are still a thing in Europe. Therefore, a new 2023 Ford Capri could happen after all. At the moment, it seems like the Blue Oval carmaker will continue focusing on the current lineup. Of course, some new models are about to happen, including the electric Mustang Mach-E crossover and F-150 Lightning truck.

Still, Capri’s fans in Europe are still hoping. They should be, as the Ford Europe design head said the brand-new Capri model could arrive in Europe in the near future. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know.

Ford Capri – Will it Happen Again?

As we said, the 2023 Ford Capri could happen, according to Ford Europe’s head design. However, it won’t happen if Ford feels this sporty car can fit in the lineup. The carmaker is definitely considering things. Bringing back old cars is a quite popular choice nowadays. However, Ford is taking a different approach. Reviving older nameplates is also a thing in the last couple of years.

On the other hand, Capri is an iconic model. It would be nice to see it back on the roads, but the reality is different. It is a question if the fans would be interested in a sporty car with a hybrid powertrain. As you know, the emission regulations are tighter like never before. Still, that didn’t stop Ford to celebrate Capri’s 50th birthday by launching the Capri RS2600 model.

2023 Ford Capri release date

Capri Becoming Coupe Crossover?

Yes, you read that well. According to some reports, the new 2023 Ford Capri could arrive in a completely new form. The latest rumors are predicting Capri’s return as an all-electric coupe crossover. This is another way of doing things. Reviving iconic models and introducing them as completely electric models. It is a nice way to get people into EVs, but success is not guaranteed. Of course, it would be a compact crossover with a coupe-like design and it will be available in Europe.

2023 Ford Capri coupe crossover

2023 Ford Capri Release Date

It would be great to see the new 2023 Ford Capri in Europe. On the other hand, this model won’t happen in the United States. In the past, Ford Mustang was the car for the U.S. The Capri model was basically a Mustang in Europe. And while the Mustang offered a V8 engine, Capri had a V6 engine.

In the future, this model could arrive in Europe, either as a regular car or as an all-electric coupe crossover. Like Europe, Australia had its own version of this model, called the Mk1. The idea of introducing an old-school car is not so plausible. However, electrification is on the way, so Ford will surely introduce lots of new models by 2023. Who knows, Capri could be one such model.

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