2023 Ford Mondeo Evos Will Feature Hybrid Power

The new 2023 Ford Mondeo Evos has been spied for the first time. On top of that, we have the first renderings as well. Ford continues with its plan to remove regular cars from the lineup in the United States. Thanks to that, Blue Oval currently offers only Mustang as the sole passenger car.

On the other hand, Ford’s sedans and hatchbacks will continue to live in Europe and Asia. The Mondeo Evos is something different, as it is a crossover with a wagon-like appearance. Still, this crossover won’t make it to the U.S. Without further ado, here’s everything we know about this model.

2023 Ford Mondeo Evos release date

2023 Mondeo Evos Spy Photos

Just like the Evos model in China, both Mondeo and Fusion cars will follow its footsteps in the near future. The 2023 Ford Mondeo Evos is a brand-new crossover. As its name suggests, this model will share a lot of components with the Evos and Mondeo models. However, the Mondeo Evos name is not official yet. First spy shots are now available and we had an opportunity to see a model that is similar to the Evos in China.

That includes the same headlights and front grille. Furthermore, even the double-spoke wheels, door handles, and mirror caps are the same. The situation is different from the B-pillars all the way to the back. The rear doors are different and Mondeo Evos will provide a slightly lower ride height.

2023 Ford Mondeo Evos spy shots

Modern Interior Design

A similar story will continue inside the cabin. The upcoming 2023 Ford Mondeo Evos will provide a very modern and upright interior design. On top of that, we expect an incredibly modern crossover in terms of technology. According to the most recent reports, this model will feature Ford’s new “Blue Cruse” system. It is a level 2 self-driving technology, similar to General Motors’ Super Cruise system.

On top of that, this model could also feature the Virtual Personal Assistant and the latest SYNC4 infotainment. We don’t know anything about the trim levels yet. However, the upper trim levels should provide real luxury, including a larger 15.5-inch touchscreen and leather seats.

2023 Ford Mondeo Evos interior

Engine Rumors

Influenced by both station wagons and fastbacks, the 2023 Ford Mondeo Evos will offer familiar drivetrain options. The Ford stated that it will discontinue manufacturing of the long-running Mondeo next March and that the Valencia factory will be upgraded to accommodate the 2.5-liter Duratec Hybrid engine. This unit has been used in the plug-in hybrid Kuga and hybrid variants of the Kuga and Galaxy models.

Due to the fact that the European emission standard will effectively remove all internal combustion engines without the help of a hybrid by 2025, the Mondeo Evos will almost certainly be marketed as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid. By comparison, the Evos sold in China is equipped only with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder turbocharged engine and a torque converter gearbox. This unit generates 245 hp and up to 275 lb-ft of torque.

2023 Ford Mondeo Evos Price, Release Date

The upcoming 2023 Ford Mondeo Evos will cost around $27,000. This is not official yet, but the price should start below $30,000 anyway. As we said, Mondeo Evos will go on sale in China, before coming to Europe. Unfortunately, this modern crossover won’t make it to the United States.

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