Is the 2025 Ford Courier A Truck or A Van?

Courier was the nameplate Ford used for small trucks in the past. So, when the rumors about the new compact pickup came out, many fans believed in the comeback of the old model. But it was not the case and the new truck is available as the Maverick. Too bad, since Courier fits perfectly. Nevertheless, we are still finding the nameplate. The 2025 Ford Courier will be there for the Transit van and now the speculations say it could be a name for the all-electric model.

The vehicle debuted in Europe but with both names. The US minivan market is much larger and unique, so the 2025 Ford Courier might be a model for this part of the world. Highlights are 1,600 pounds of towing capacity, a 12-inch display inside the cockpit, Sync 4 infotainment, and 230 miles of range. In 10 minutes you can restore power for 55 miles. In a year or two, this system could evolve.

2025 Ford Courier truck

2025 Ford Courier Electric Van

As a minivan, the nameplate exists as a special Transit model. It is the smallest commercial vehicle in this part of the world. Compared to an old Transit, the eTransit Courier is bigger. Owners are getting 25 percent of extra cargo space, totaling at 102 cu-ft. The EV is not so great option for towing, offering 1,600 pounds.

A couple of 12-inch displays cover most of the dashboard. One is a gauge cluster and the other one is the infotainment touchscreen, a center of the Sync4 multimedia. Drivers are getting a lot of help from the safety package that includes adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitor, automatic reverse braking, and a few more cool features.

The 2025 Ford Courier EV minivan covers 230 miles on a single charge. It takes 10 mins to restore 55 miles, but you need a speed charging station. However, even advanced systems for home use take a lot more. A complete recharge will require 5.5 hours.

2025 Ford Courier electric van

2025 Ford Courier Can Still Be a Truck

Like said, the Courier is a perfect nameplate for a truck. It was a pickup until the discontinuation 20 years ago in Europe. The production in South America ended in 2013. The 2025 Ford Courier won’t be back in the US, since the Maverick took the only vacant spot in the lineup. And it was a big gamble. Many criticized the company for the idea of a compact truck. Now, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon.

The new Courier truck would be the Maverick for the rest of the world. It is a 200-inches long vehicle. It will be a significant difference compared to the old model. Truck markets are growing outside the US, so it makes a lot of sense to expect Ford to take a piece of the global profit. Unlike the United States, Chevrolet and Ram are offering their compact trucks in some countries.

2025 Ford Courier pickup truck

Where and When the 2025 Ford Courier is Coming Out?

The answer to this question depends on the company’s decision on what type of vehicle the 2025 Ford Courier would be. As an electric van, it is already available in Europe. Soon, the minivan could be carried over across the ocean with some modifications. On the other hand, for the pickup truck, Ford needs to do everything from scratch. It requires more time and funds. Eventually, the truck could appear in South America, where it was pretty popular before. However, let’s not forget other big markets for pickups, or utes – Australia, Europe, some Middle East and Pacific Asia countries, and South Africa.

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