2024 Ford E-Transit Courier is Coming to Europe Next Year

Blue Oval carmaker revealed the new 2024 Ford E-Transit Courier model. It is a small electric commercial vehicle, which will go on sale in Europe next year. Unlike the model with an internal combustion engine, this one is battery-powered. However, the all-electric version will also provide more space, as it is slightly larger than its predecessor.

Whatsoever, the E-Transit Courier van will be able to fit two Euro pallets. Besides that, the electric variant looks more modern and upright. Furthermore, the interior provides more standard features, including additional safety aids. Overall, it is a very cool and practical model, and here is everything you need to know.

2024 Ford E-Transit Courier specs

Interior Features

The interior will receive so many updates, over the current base version with a gas engine. For a start, the 2024 Ford E-Transit Courier will offer a “digiboard” instrument panel. It comes with a 12-inch digital instrument cluster and a 12-inch infotainment touchscreen. This unit will run on Ford’s most recent SYNC4 system. Thanks to that, features such as Wireless Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay are available as standard. On top of that, there is the Ford Pro ecosystem, and Ford also provides over-the-air updates.

As we said, this vehicle will largely benefit from available driver-assistance aids. Most of these systems are available as standard. Optionally, you can opt for Cross Traffic Alert, Reverse Brake Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Adaptive Cruise control. Blue Oval offers a unique steering wheel, which will additionally improve legroom and visibility. As we said, this van will have an impressive interior room. According to Ford, customers should expect impressive load capacity, total cargo volume, and even passenger room.

2024 Ford E-Transit Courier interior

Ford E-Transit Courier Specs

The 2024 Ford E-Transit Courier will have a 100-kilowatt electric motor up front. This motor will draw power from the battery, but battery capacity is not available yet. Furthermore, this van will offer DC fast charging capability. Thanks to a 100kW unit, you’ll be able to add 55 miles of range in only ten minutes of charging. Of course, the regular home charger is also available.

Thanks to an 11-kW AC charger, you can fully charge E-Transit Courier in less than six hours. Interestingly, you can schedule charging, which is useful if you are looking to charge this van at more affordable night prices. Again, we are waiting to hear details about battery sizes and the exact driving range.

2024 Ford E-Transit Courier range

2024 Ford E-Transit Courier Price and Release Date

The 2024 Ford E-Transit Courier will go on sale next year. Before that, we expect the arrival of the gasoline and diesel variants, which should happen by the end of 2023. This small commercial vehicle will be sold in both double-cab and van configurations. The production will begin in Romania, the same factory that already produces the Ford Puma crossover. Unfortunately, the price is still not provided.

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