How much are you willing to pay for 6-door Ford F-350 truck?

The Ford’s F-series have been the best selling trucks in the last 30 years. The Blue Oval carmaker is not seat with its hands crossed and waiting for the destiny to take over control. Instead, Ford is always looking to improve its vehicles and make them the best in class. Ford F-350 is most common example when it comes to a 6-door pickup trucks.

6-door Ford F-350 front side

Why Ford F-350?

One of the examples is the F-350 truck that comes with top-notch stuff and amenities.  Moreover, it is one of the most ambitious company’s projects, it brings a unique chassis supported by the lightweight materials. When we mention uniqueness, we can’t avoid the more and more popular 6-door trucks.

Numerous companies are opting for such a move, converting its famous 4-door trucks into a 6-door model. So, why is the 6-door model so popular? Plenty of models are offering an extended crew cab versions and F-350 is perhaps the most popular model for sure. On the other hand, the price for such models is often around $50,000.

6-door Ford F-350 exterior

Pros and cons of a 6-door truck

One of the most reasonable reasons is that a 4-door truck is not big enough. The advantage of 6-door models is more room, and the cabin that can accommodate up to eight passengers over the three rows. A luxury of an additional space is not appreciated enough, and there is no need to compromise anything. Adding more space and more seats without sacrificing truck bed is a good option for most of the customers.

Of course, the carmaker needs to pay special attention to each and every row. That means more luxury, more amenities, more premium materials and of course, more money to invest. A reasonable outcome is a higher buying price for the customers. Speaking of customers, most of them would like to possess one such a model in their respective collection for sure. The reason for that is not just a 6-doors or seating for eight, but because each and every model brings uniqueness that is impossible to find. The biggest question is the price and how many customers are willing to pay five figures for such a vehicle.

6-door Ford F-350 interior

What is the final result?

The most likely outcome is the ultimate truck. Plenty of room and better comfort with truck bed still in the offer. Moreover, stretching your truck is the best way to fit the whole family inside the cabin. On top of that, 6-door models are offering a better tow rating and smoother ride.

Famous carmakers such as Toyota, Dodge, Ram, and GM are offering 6-door trucks. The history taught us that the most common examples of stretching a 4-door truck to a 6-door model are the trucks that are older than five years. Moreover, the price of these models is increasing year by year, and are more and more popular. So, we are asking a question:
Are you ready to pay $50,000 for 5 years old 6-door Ford F-350 truck?

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