Ford Focus Active Crossover – a New Vehicle Based On The Focus Hatchback

The last selling records disappointed bosses in Ford. They are considering not to develop and launch any new model next season. Very few existing vehicles could get a 2019 year edition. Besides them, the company will launch only F-150 Hybrid truck and Ford Focus Active crossover. While the first one is a safe bet – everyone wants to see or have the first hybrid truck, the other one in an experiment.

The Ford Focus Active crossover is based on the Focus hatchback. Ford found the inspiration in Subaru’s Impreza. The Japanese company pumped the compact vehicle and made a special crossover of it. The same will happen to Focus hatch, which will turn into Active SUV.

Focus Active crossover US Release

This concept is already available in China. However, differences between markets demand big changes. The new Focus Active crossover, to appear in the US, must bring many changes. New engines, styling, options… It is not easy to step into the major market in the world. But, if Ford decided to bring Active crossover to the homeland, we are sure it will happen soon. Also, latest announcements are confirming this is about to happen next year, so we can talk about 2019 Focus Active crossover.

Focus Active crossover rear

Focus Active crossover Specs

There are few choices in front of engineers. For the Focus Active crossover, they will probably pick either 1.0-liter or 1.5-liter engine. Both are EcoBoost four-cylinder units we can find existing Focus vehicles in Europe. These two are the only engines which could meet strict regulations in the US. On the other hand, buyers in Europe will probably see the Ford Focus Active crossover with diesel powertrains. US customers are not getting 1.5-liter nor a 2.0-liter diesel EcoBlue versions.

An eight-speed automatic gearbox is the most likely pair for petrol engines. We doubt Ford will couple the 6-pace manual to the new SUV. But well, it is still possible. The bigger unit, a 1.5-liter one, is likely to create at least 150 horses. Fuel economy of the compact crossover is going to be the highlight. But, we still don’t have first estimations.

Focus Active Crossover Features

A subcompact crossover will have a rich offer. In European edition of Focus Active crossover, we can find various assist features. Active park assistance, cruise control, front collision warning are just parts of equipment which will arrive in the US market. Sync3 is available at higher trim levels, while the same system will offer fewer infotainment features at earlier models. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are there right from the start.

Focus Active crossover interior

Focus Active crossover Release Date

The Ford Focus Active crossover is going to arrive somewhere next year. That is the entire official information. Further news about debut is still unknown, but we believe that Ford will aim either Detroit or New York as the great opportunities for a debut. Well, trucks dominated this year’s NAIAS, while we could see many SUVs in Big Apple. The Focus Active crossover could be the first confirmed model for the next season’s show. This SUV will be the most affordable in the entire Ford lineup.

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