2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid

Ford has a big plans for future. The main one is hybridization of every model in the lineup. Nothing is different for its luxurious branch – Lincoln. These vehicles are also getting hybrid, plug-in, and EV engines in next couple of years. Well, Ford already started to present the first concepts. Now, it is time for 2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid.

As a flagship model, Navigator will definitely draw a lot of attention. This crossover is well-known of its premium features, comfort, and rugged design. Also, we can see it in Black Label trim levels. But, its only drivetrain is a 3.5-liter V-6. This could be the good choice for the base of future hybrid combo. Nevertheless, whatever Ford chooses, the focus will be on comfort and safety, although the new 2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid will get a boost for gas mileage.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid front


2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Release Date

Not only that 2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybridis announced, but also the Ford Expedition. Both these models belong to the full-size SUV segment, and it is possible that engineers are developing drivetrains for them at the same time. Nevertheless, the premiere depends on standard models.

The Navigator just entered the fourth generation, and the next model could come later. The same is happening to the Ford Expedition, and both SUVs are not expected early in 2019. Navigator is the premium version of Expedition, and it shouldn’t change for hybrid segment.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid exterior

2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Engine

Petrol conventional drivetrain for the Navigator is a 3.5-liter V-6. A twin-turbo unit is good for 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. But, for the 2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid it won’t be able to return so much power. On the other hand, a boost on the MPG rating is certain, and the new Navigator Hybrid will go over 20 mpg combined. It is possible that in city this SUV will be able to return 23 or 24 mpg.

Well, the 3.5-liter unit on the Expedition makes “only” 375 hp. In its second generation, this is the weakest output. But, without turbocharger, a V-6 will definitely return detuned numbers. Additional electric motor will add the missing ponies, while the torque should remain pretty generous.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid engine

Will there be a Plug-In Hybrid Crossover?

Besides the 2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid, fans wanted to know if the crossover is getting a plug-in version. The same question exist for more than a year, and company spokesmen are always denying such plans. So, since the hybrid is confirmed, we doubt they would keep their mouth shut if there is other version on the way too. Also, there is no info about the Ford Expedition plug-in hybrid. So, both full-size plug-in SUVs could come to consideration after 2020.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Rivals

As for the conventional model, the 2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid will see the main competition coming from GM. Well, their full-size crossovers already had unsuccessful stints in hybrid segment. Whatsoever, after 10 years, we could see again electrified versions of Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon. However, as Ford Expedition, these are not premium crossovers. But, GM will definitely launch Cadillac Escalade to fight the 2019 Navigator Hybrid.

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