What the Future Holds For 2020 Lincoln MKZ?

There is a lot of rumors about the 2020 Lincoln MKZ in the recent past. This mid-size sedan still comes with an uncertain future and there is plenty of different outcomes. For the start, the first speculations are saying the MKZ model will continue with its production, but under a different name. Second rumors are suggesting that the Lincoln is likely to transform this sedan into an SUV. Less possible variant. However, Lincoln is eager to keep its traditional models and the company will stay committed to this sedan. Further gossips are saying this model is going all-electric.

The truth is the sales are drastically falling in the last two years and some radical moves will have to happen. MKZ is not the only company’s model with an unfamiliar future, and the Lincoln Continental is facing the same problem.

2020 Lincoln MKZ exterior

Steering Wheel Scandal

In March 2018, Ford recalled over 1.3 million Lincoln MKZs and Ford Fusions. The reason is the problem with the steering wheel, as most of the customers reported a problem. As we all know, the steering wheel is moving either counter-clockwise or clockwise, and when the wheel is moving in some other direction, that could be fatal.

The detached steering wheel was a real issue and Ford didn’t have any other option than to recall all of the models.  However, Blue Oval carmaker says the problem was with the wheel bolt that couldn’t provide enough torque. On top of that, the company offered to install a new and larger bolt for free. Unfortunately, recalling so many models was a big hit for this car giant.

2020 Lincoln MKZ interior

Should Lincoln retire the MKZ sedan?

With no information about the 2020 model, all we can do is predict, and speculate. In our honest opinion, we feel there is no way for such a traditional sedan to face a discount. New name? Maybe. Ditching MKZ sedan? No way. The same stands for the Continental model, even both of the models are providing lower sales than before.

The only two company’s sedans are both based on the CD4 platform which also underpins the Ford Fusion. Retiring MKZ is probably the worst possible outcome for the company. We could call the 2020 Lincoln MKZ a “dead man walking” but this car still has plenty to offer.

2020 Lincoln MKZ rear

Is Lincoln MKZ becoming an SUV?

An interesting theory has started when Ford said the company will focus on crossover and SUVs and most of the sources will go in that direction. Other and less reliable sources are claiming the 2020 Lincoln MKZ will arrive under a different name. However, this sedan could obtain a new D6 platform that underpins Ford Explorer.

This architecture is too large for the sedan, so if the speculations are true, the MKZ could really arrive as a crossover or SUV model. However, Lincoln is still a giant when it comes to a traditional sedan and we are predicting the production to continue.

All-electric 2020 Lincoln MKZ

We still don’t know if the new D6 platform will underpin the upcoming 2020 Lincoln MKZ. Furthermore, the future is very uncertain for this sedan, the same stands for its engine specs. The truth is the customers are choosing Continental over MKZ right now, but the MKZ could play this “out of trouble” with better mileage figures.

Not all of the customers are seeking speed and performance. As a matter of fact, most of them are choosing fuel economy over the performance. With that in mind, the gossips about the MKZ going hybrid or all-electric are perfectly reasonable.

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