2019 Ford Bronco is confirmed for the next year

The rumors are that the 2019 Ford Bronco is coming to the markets in a one year time. The revival of this legend hits us all with the excitement. While everything is still a speculation, this iconic SUV could run on a Ranger’s pickup platform. A body-on-frame design and multiple powertrain options are expected. The new model will use the same engine that is in the F-150 model and another optional gasoline unit. The diesel engine will for sure be in the offer, but not before 2020.

Moreover, the 2019 Ford Bronco will take plenty of styling cues from the Ford Ranger pickup truck. However, we still wait for the official confirmation from the Blue Oval carmaker, here is how new Bronco will look like and what performance it will bring.

2019 Ford Bronco side

2019 Ford Bronco exterior is retro and modern

The upcoming 2019 Ford Bronco will combine the classic old-school exterior with the plenty of modern features and lines. This SUV will have a lot of similarities with the Ford’s F-150 and Ranger pickup. Bronco is a mid-size SUV, so don’t think it will feature a rugged exterior.

The front grille is horizontal and round headlights are looking gorgeous. Before Bronco was a two-door SUV and now a new Bronco should arrive as a four-door model. Modern tires and wheels are looking refreshing. Whatsoever, there should be two body styles and two wheelbase lengths in the offer.

2019 Ford Bronco interior

2019 Ford Bronco interior will get a large touchscreen display

While the exterior will be similar to the Ranger model, the interior will be unique in its own way. The latest infotainment system will make a production and it will come with a large touchscreen, this will be implanted in the final version of this SUV. Also, it will come with a driver information display that shows important things such as speed and engine temperature. However, the concept version is present without display.

A shifter with a rotary dial is placed in the center and push-button start will be standard, along with the keyless access. Rear seats will largely depend on what type of the Bronco will be, two or four-door SUV. However, seating for five persons is what everyone is expecting. The comfort should be premium for this segment, but Ford knows to surprise everyone so we should wait for the carmaker to announce Bronco’s specs.

2019 Ford Bronco engine

2019 Ford Bronco engine is borrowed from the F-150 model

The 2019 Ford Bronco will borrow an engine from the F-150 model. A 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 is a standard unit that generates 325 HP and 375 lb-ft of torque. With those numbers, Bronco should slot above the current Wrangler JK. The optional powertrain is a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that can produce 365 HP and 420 lb-ft of torque.

Both engines are offering a 10-speed automatic transmission. However, real Bronco’s fans are anticipating a 6-speed manual gearbox. A part-time 4WD setup will be standard.

Fuel economy

The electric locking rear differential is also standard and 2019 Bronco will for sure offer more systems that should improve fuel economy and overall efficiency. On top of that, the diesel variant is a huge possibility, but not at this moment, probably after 2020. The exact numbers of the fuel economy are not available at this moment.

2019 Ford Bronco rear

2019 Ford Bronco price and release date

The price is perhaps the biggest mystery at this very moment. Expect from the 2019 Ford Bronco to arrive with the competitive price. For an instance, the Wrangler JK Unlimited model starts at $28,000 so the Bronco will cost slightly more or less. The new 2019 Ford Bronco will go on sale later in 2019.

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